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Building or creating an Internet web site is not just design of beautiful pages but it includes research and consulting.

Web page writing
  • Inquiry, discussion, proposal
  • Sign contract
  • Research
  • Delivery of information and materials
  • Building web pages
  • Payment methods

Inquiry, discussion, proposal
We will ask and answer each other's questions. We will want to know about your business, the purpose of your web site. Then we will do some research and give you one or two proposals: structures and contents of your future web site. The cost, features of the web site, delivery of information and materials, work schedule, payment methods will be discussed.

Sign contract
Once we agreed on the jobs, a contract will be sent to you via email. You will print, sign, stamp and send one set to us by postal mail. At this point you would start collecting and sending the information and materials to us. We will also be doing research and finding necessary information.

As we would have agreed in the contract, you will need to transfer the payment. We will secure the domain name and a place for your web site. We will discuss the look/design or template of the web pages and select a proper one to work on.

The world of business is competition. Therefore to have a web site that sell, we need to do reserach on other web sites in the similar business. If you need us to find some information we will do the followings:
  • Research over the world wide web Internet
  • Research in the public libraries
  • Research from other publications such as news papers, magazines, yellowpages, books that are available in our place
However we will not use a copy righted information without permission.

If you want us to create the web site using exactly the same wordings that you provide we will follow your order.

Delivery of information and materials
Information in text can be sent to us via email (on the mail body or as attached files). Otherwise you can send the information by fax or by postal mails. We prefer to get the maps (such as location map of your company) in a postal mail.

Photos can be sent via email. You can also send the printed or developed photographs by postal mail.

The cost of delivery will be paid by you. Also if you need these materials return to your place please provide us aditional stamp charge.

Building web pages
Building This is an important job. Since we must carefully think about how your web site could be popular when it is finished. We can not cheat the search engines and directories using cheap computer techniques to get listed with high ranking. We must instead be honest. We must have good, unique and substantial amount of information. Text and graphical information on a page will be arranged to attract both search engines and readers while keeping the materials relevent to the purpose.

We will take into consideration the facilities your web site readers (visitors) might have. Then we will deside on whether techniques that require higher version browser should be used. There are other things to consider too. For example, if there is a page that you think people will want to print. Then the page need to be printer friendly. If not, we will create additional printer friendly page with same content.

Our people have experiences which altogether form a wide range of expertise. These cover fields of tourism and hotels, manufacturing, industries and engineering, textile, shipping, agriculture, health and recreation, sports and adventure travel, nature and beauty, management, international affairs, history, geography, education and religions and so on. We even have ex-sailers, engineers and public relation managers in our pool of work force. Besides, there are several nationalities working for you.

Yes, there are lot of jobs on computer. We do have people with more than 4 years experience developing the web pages. We study and record the behaviors of search engines time by time. Artworks, animations, some beautiful and eye catching items can be inserted in your web site.

Inspection and correction are also important job that need our attention. You will need to re-check the materials that are included in the web site, and we will have to do the correction if necessary before we can say the site is ready for public viewing.

Payment methods
Payment can be done by bank wire (Thai Baht or US$ value) or cheque issued to the local bank in Thailand in Thai Baht value. If you do the bank wire please pay the bank charges at your side. The payment includes VAT which is at the moment 7% of sale amount.

If you want to pay using credit cards you have to add 5% on top (of sale amount + VAT). We still rely on foreign orginzations which provide "credit cards payment processing". They charge 5% for their service.

Payments are done yearly basic, before end of the previous year (12 months). For the first year the payment need to be made before we can secure the domain name and the place. For a bigger web site the first year payment may be divided into two.

Payment once made are non-refundable in any case.

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