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Winter Special Nature/Culture Adventure in the North of Thailand

Salawin river Hilltribe village jungle trek to Salawin River, Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Multi day hike and village homestay from Mae La Noi to Salawin river in Mae Hong Son province, Thailand.

One of most experience-rich out-of-the-beaten-track trails in northern Thailand. You will probably be one of few first foreign tourist groups. Contact us for your private group for coming winter: 10 Nov - 20 Dec 2009, 10 Jan to 20 Feb 2010.

TOUR 1: Khao Yai jungle walk and camping

Khao Yai jungle This is partial independent trekking in the jungle using minimum provision and gear. We will provide you limited support, and you will carry your own backpack, sleeping bag, drinking water and possibly part of the foodstuff and shared gear. You are also welcome to do cooking together in the forest using dead wood.

The trip is either three or four full days walk; 4 to 8 is good group size.

The trek starts at the part's border or at the visitor center, and ends at the other end of the park or the visitor center. You will walk through the jungle for total of 19 to 30 km. Sleeping is in tent or hammock. Moderate level trek with few/some scrambling, and walking over the stones in the streams. Drinking water is boiled stream water.

We will provide:
  • Air-con bus tickets from and to Bangkok, and pick up truck transfers in the park
  • One or two national park's rangers
  • One of our staff
  • Tents or hammocks, sleeping bags, food, ohter gear, leech socks where necessary
  • National park's entrance fees
  • Travel accident insurance
Number of days we need to prepare the trip: 14 or more

When: Between December and February excluding long weekends, x-mas and newyear holidays. One trip is planned for 6 to 9 January 2011.

Send inquiry to get details and price. Look at status board for this trip.

TOUR 2: Kaeng Krachan - Doi Phanoen Thung trek

Kaeng Krachan jungle The actual hike is 2 days and 1 night, however we usually spend 3 days with the first night staying at an accommodation near or at the park's headquarters. On the second day early in the morning we will travel in a truck to Phanoen Thung camp from where we will hike the mountains to reach the summit of Doi Phanoen Thung. On the 3rd day we will walk back to the camp, and by truck to Phetchaburi bus station. We will be back in Bangkok at night.

This is partially independent hiking and the group size is 4 to 6. It is of moderate level walk and you will carry your own back pack, sleeping bag, drinking water and part of provision. Drinking water is boiled stream water. If you don't want to carry a lot we can arrange a porter for you.

We will provide:
  • Air-con bus tickets from your hotel in Bangkok and back, and pick-up truck transfers in the national park. Air-con bus is available any day of the week. Also you have the option to be picked up in a truck if you choose to spend time in nearby beach or scenic locations for sunset or sunrise photos
  • One night stay in a guesthouse: bed room with private bathroom
  • One or two national park's rangers
  • One of our staff
  • Tents or hammocks, sleeping bags, food
  • National park's entrance fees
  • Travel accident insurance
Number of days we need to prepare the trip: 14 or more

When: Starting January 2011 we will arrange only private small group hike so the dates depends on you. However wherever you start please try to manage three days for the trip. The months are from December to February.
Send inquiry to get details and price. The trips details can be changed from above plan. Look at status board for this trip.

TOUR 3: Umphang - White water rafting, walk to Thi Lor Su waterfall, Walk to the road, Karen village home stay and the waterfall on the high mountain

Umphang trek This is somewhat adventure. We are going to a place where so far only few tourists have been to. Besides we are going along a new uncharted route, mostly on foot and carrying own gear and food on our own backs. Thus we seek only a small group of roughly four to six people who can rough and expect to spend a night more in the forest if necessary. You will carry your own back pack, water bottle, sleeping bag, and share load of common gear and food. This is rainy season trek.

Approximate travel plan
Day 1: Leave Umphang about noon time (or morning) by inflatable rubber raft down the Mae Klong river, about 3 hours, to Tha Sai camp. Lunch is in town or during rafting. From where we will walk to Thi Lo Sau camp site. Dinner and overnight in tents..

Day 2: After the breakfast walk 1.5 km to Thi Lor Su waterfall. After the waterfall visit we will hike up the mountains to the top of the waterfalls. We will continue to walk to the west for about 6 hours to the road 1288. Lunch is made on the trail. Upon reaching the road we will be transported by pick up truck to a Karen village. Dinner and home stay.

Day 3: Home breakfast. We will walk through the farmlands, passing streams and then hike Doi San Min mountains for about 4 hours to the falls of streams going down from the mountain peaks. We will camp at the bottom of the largest body of waterfall. Lunch and dinner are in the jungle.

Day 4: Camp breakfast. Walking down the hill to the road will take about 3 hours. Get a pick up truck back to Umphang.

We will provide:
  • Transportation: pick up truck
  • Inflatable rubber raft, paddles and life jackets, rafting guide, and transport to send the raft back to Umphang
  • One local guide, and one or two local villagers as helper/porters
  • Food from day-1 lunch to day-4 lunch
  • Camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, canvas roof and ground sheet in the wet season
  • Village home stay
  • Travel accident insurance
Please check a rough map of Umphang

Number of days we need to prepare the trip: 14 or more

When: July to November
Send inquiry to get more details. Look at status board for this trip as well as possible alternative plans.

TOUR 4: Umphang - White water rafting, Ti Lo Su waterfall, Karen village home stay

Lar Ee Or twin lake - Ban Thi Pho Gyi The program can start in Umphang, Mae Sot or in Bangkok. The rough plan below starts and ends in Umphang. You will have chance to communicate with local Karen people, learn their life in addition to river rafting, forest hiking and visiting one of Thailand's most beautiful waterfalls. The group size is 4 to 8.

Day 1: You arrive Umphang. We will provide you dinner and room. Two person in one room with electricity, private bath room, running water. Today is free day and you will make friend with the guide, walk around the town or check your email at an Internet cafe.

Day 2: Breakfast and leave Umphang in the morning in an inflatable rubber boat down the Mae Klong river. On the weay we will stop at Ti Lor Jor waterfall, hot water spring. If we have time we will also stop at a place to walk to explore a cave. Lunch on the way. Walk or pick up truck takes us to Ti Lo Su waterfall camp. After settling down our gear, provision; and setting up camp we will walk 1.5 km to Ti Lo Su waterfall. We could hike up to higher level. Dinner and camping in tents.

Day 3: Camp breakfast. Break the camp and we will walk along the Ti Lo Su stream (easy walk) for 7 km to Ban Kotha (Karen village) where you will be mounted on elephants to comtinue into the forest. Elephants will take you to the foothills of a mountain. Then elephants will be sent back to the village. We will prepare our lunch of hot drink and sandwich or toast and fruits. After a short rest we will climb the mountain and go down on the other side to the paddy fields. After the farms we will arrive at a lovely Karen village of Ban Thi Po Gyi. Dinner and overnight home stay.
Note you will carry only some first aid medicine, drinking water during the walk. All other stuff will be sent to the village by pick up truck.

Day 4: Home breakfast. Early morning walk in the village to observe the people at their works: paddy pounding, cooking food for pigs and chickens, hand weaving, and so on. Also visit a primary school. We will then go for a visit to Lar Ee-Or twin lake. Pick up truck will send us as far as it can go, and we will walk to the lakes often visited by large groups of birds. After spending about an hour there we will walk back to the village.

After having home-made lunch we will say good bye to the villagers and leave in a pick up truck. We will go back to Umphang. Near Ban Mae Klong Mai village we will stop and go inside the Takhobi cave complex. It may take about one hour. We will arrive Umphang in the afternoon.

We will provide:
  • Guesthouse stay one night in Umphang
  • Transportation: pick up truck
  • One local guide, and one local villager as helper
  • Food from day-1 dinner to day-4 lunch
  • Inflatable rubber raft, life jacket, paddles
  • Camping: two-men tents, ground sheets, sleeping bags
  • Elephant ride (one elephant for two people)
  • Village home stay: mats, blankets, pillows, mosquito nets
  • Travel accident insurance
Note from June to end of October trucks can not enter Thi Lor Su waterfall camp so you must walk.

Please check a rough map of Umphang

Number of days we need to prepare the trip: 10 or more

When:Whole year, but in the rainy season the walk over muddy forest ground and hiking up the hill will be tougher than easy.
Send inquiry to get more details. Look at status board for this trip as well as possible alternative plans.

TOUR 5: Sangklaburi (Kanchanaburi province) to Umphang (Tak province) - Karen village homestay

Multi day nature walk will pass Mountain Karen peoples' villages, their farms, streams and rivers. We will sleep in the village homes along the way. The trip along Thai - Myanmar border will be guided by Karen villagers. At each village you will have chance to have first hand experience of sustainable ways of simple lives maintaind by these monority tribes. There will be opportunities to communicate with them too.

Approximate itinerary is:-

Day 1: Bangkok to Sangklaburi by car leaving Bangkok in the morning. Driving time is about 6.5 hours. Today we will overnight in a guesthouse in town overlooking the lake. If time permits visit of interesting places in Kanchanaburi can be arranged.

Walking Sanepong to Laiwo village  A house in Thilaipa village
Day 2: In the early morning you will have about one hour to walk on the famous Mon bridge and visit of the Mon village on the other side. Breakfast at guesthouse. Pick up truck will come and take us at the guesthouse at 0830hrs and transfer to Sanepong village where we will start walking into the forest together with a local Karen guide. In case the truck can not reach Sanepong we will get off from the car and walk. We will walk pass the hills and streams surrounded by bamboo groves, lush jungle and occasional farms with temporary huts. Lunch will be made and eaten on the way. We will arrive at Laiwo village in the afternoon. Today walk maybe approximately 5 hours.

We will inform the village head and get permission to overnight in a house. The village has a small school, a monastery, and you will learn the lives of Karen people. Dinner and home stay.

Day 3: Home breakfast. Leave the village for a walk to another village. We will walk about the same distance as previous day. Lunch is in the forest. Afternoon we will arrive at Thilaipa village where we will homestay. Walk around this beautiful village. Dinner and homestay.

Day 4: Home breakfast. We will leave the village in the morning for another day of walk pasing streams to Jakae - today walk will be a bit longer. Lunch is on the way. Late afternoon we will arrive at Jakae village. Dinner and homestay.

Day 5: Home breakfast. Continue walking through the forest. We will pass several streams and finally arrive at Suria river. Lunch is in the forest. Overnight will be in a hut. If necessary we will have to build or repair a bamboo shelter ourselves. Dinner and overnight.

Day 6: Breakfast. Today we will walk into enter Umphang district of Tak province. Lunch is during the walk. Tonight stop is at Lay Tong Ku village.

Day 7: Breakfast and we will spend the early morning time to visit the monastery where they keep a pair of elephant tusks as pieces of worship. Then we will leave for a half day walk to Pueng Klueng - a small Karen-Thai town at the border. Packed lunch. At Pueng Klueng we will get a pick up truck to travel to Umphang town there will stay at a guesthouse. Take a long hard shower. Free day. (B,L)

At Umphang you can go back to Bangkok or continue to other places in Thailand by car. You will at first have to go to Mae Sot by pick up truck (162 km mountain road or rough 4 hours ride) from where you can go to Sukhothai, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, or Mae Hong Son, etc.

We will provide:
  • Car transport Bangkok to Sangklaburi, and to Sanepong village
  • Guesthouse stay in Sangklaburi
  • One tour leader, Karen villager (s) to walk the trip together
  • Meals along the walk
  • Sleeping bags, mosquito nets
  • Home stay
  • Travel accident insurance
  • Pick up truck transport from Pueng Klueng to Umphang town
  • Guesthouse in Umphang
Number of days we need to prepare the trip: 14 or more

When: We are consulting with local peoples, and not running tourist trip at the moment.
One trip is being planned for starting in Bangkok on 11 April 2007 (Completed)
Send inquiry to get details and price. You must have your own group of 2 to 6 people. Pictures of Karen villages in Sangklaburi and Umphang can be searched at

TOUR 6: Trek to Mokoju mountain peak (1964 meters above sea) in Mae Wong National Park - Kamphaeng Phet province

Approximate plan Mokoju peak

Day 1: Leave Bangkok in a van to Maw wong national park - about 6 hours driving. Overnight in a bungalow house with bedding and bathroom - basic.

Day 2 to Day 6 is walking to the peak and coming back. There are several river corssing, going up and down through bamboo and some thickly forested jungle. Everyone will carry his/her own backpack, drinking water container, light tent and sleeping bag, plus shared load of food and other gear. Campings are mostly on the bank of streams. The walk is said to be moderately hard.

On Day 6 we will overnight again in the national park's bungalow style house.

Day 7: Van car will take us back to Bangkok.

We will provide:
  • Air-con van car transfers: Bangkok - Mae Wong - Bangkok
  • Two national park's rangers with radio
  • One additional helper
  • Tents and sleeping bags
  • Food (rice, some vegetable, canned food, fruits, hot drinks, electrolite mineral refil, etc.), pots, plates, cutlery, candles, lighter, etc. from Day 1 dinner to Day 7 breakfast. Drinking water is boiled stream water
  • National park entrance fees, camping fees, the trip fee to pay the national park
  • Two nights in a bungalow house in national park with basic facilities (2 to 5 people sharing a room)
  • Travel accident insurance
You will have to carry own back pack, drinking water container; tent, sleeping bag and shared food provided by us. You need to bring own back pack, 3 sets of clothes, hat, shorts, light rain jacket, toiletries, good walking shoes, sandals, torch light and spare parts, plastic bags, drinking water containers, medicines, insect repellants, some Thai Baht cash, passport or id card.

Dates to go: middle of Nov 2009. We must send the name list and dates to the national park about 45 days ahead and get the permit. The exacct dates should be available at least one month ahead.

How many people We need at least 5 people but not more than 10. You need to be fit and quite a outdoor type. Expect to walk 5 to 7 hours a day (roughly about 60 km in five days), walk through thick plants and branches with thorns, walking low under the trees or over the fallen logs, wade through the water, etc.

Price: Thai Baht 8800/person (this needs to be revised for 2011/2012)
Number of days we need to prepare the trip: 60 days. Send inquiry

Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

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