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Handicrafts made by villagers in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos

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People living in the villages of remote mountains in Thailand, Myanmar and Laos are living the very poor life. They do not have access to information, good education and training like we get. Most of them do not even have the basic life supporting facilities such as clean water, proper toilets, and equal right to find jobs.

At the moment we are taking hand made items from two villages in Mae Hong Son of northern Thailand, a Lisu village and a Karen village, to make some income for these poor villagers. Lisu villagers are orginally from Shan state of Myanmar. For more information about them please click our projects page.
We also work together with Hmong and other tribe villages in Chiang Mai, Tak and Nan provinces. We have some silver products from them. Please have a look at our catalogue.

About Lisu people
A Lisu lady weaving cloth Villages of these ethnic group are found in the mountains of China, Myanmar (Burma) and northern Thailand (Chaing Mai, Mae Hong Son and Chiang Rai). Their origin may be in eastern Tibet. House are built on the ground, with dirt floors and bamboo walls around a central ridge.

They make their clothing from gaily-coloured cloth stitched into outfits trimmed with row upon row of multi-coloured strips of cloth. Lisu people produce crossbows, musical instruments, bird and animal traps, and other items made of wood, bamboo and rattan.

They believe in the spirit world, and their shamans are used to divine the causes and cures of all problems and sickness.

They grow paddy and vegetables in the hils and produce handicrafts. When opportunity comes some Lisu peopel work as porters and trail readers for the trekking groups. They also work in other people farm lands.

About Karen people
The majority of Karen people live in Myanmar and northern Thailand (Chaing Mai, Mae Hong Son, Chaing Rai, Tak). They are also found in central Thailand especially in Kanchanaburi and Ratchaburi provinces. In the hill villages they live in bamboo houses raised on stilts, beneath which live their domestic animals, pigs, chickens and buffalos. The mountain-dwelling Karens practice slash and burn agriculture, and the plain-dwellers, for the most part, cultivate irrigated paddy fields.

Karen women are noted for their skill in weaving, which is done on a back-strap loom. Each of the many sections of this large ethnic group has its own style of dress.

Karens are originally animist, but about 25% of Karens living in Thailand have been converted to christianity by western missionaries.

Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

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