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Information posted on this web site
There are various information and other materials shown on this web site. Many of them are taken from several government publications; some are staff contributions and our research works. There are also contributions from our friends. Even though we try our best to post only the correct information there can be some mistakes and or wrong materials on our web site. If anyone find out these mistakes please kindly let us know.

Listings in the directory come from submissions, government publication, yellowpages and other printed directories. Some of them may be already a few years old when being posted on the site. Therefore please exercise checking with other sources if you are in doubt. You can also request us to check the information.

Since this web site is for the public use, we need your help. Any advice, suggestion and comment are warmly welcome. To help us update the information you can send us your travel experience, story or any material that you think would be useful for the people. We appreciate your kind support.

All information and materials such as photos and maps on this web site are for your personal use. You can send them to your family and friends freely. However you should not use any information and material on this site for any business purpose. If you need to use them for a business please kindly let us know for our consideration.

Please note that we can not be held responsible for any problem or loss or damage whatsoever that may occur by material posted on this web site.

Information, articles, stories and links posted by guests and others (visitors, sponsors, volunteers, student interns, etc.) and advertisers including hotels
There are information (stories, messages, announcements, news, projects, letters, hotels details, etc.) and links posted on this web site by guests and advertisers and even ourselves. These are intended for the benefit of everybody. However since we are not able to check the authenticity, reliability and quality of these materials and the links, we will not take any responsibility for any kind of problem that may happen out of these postings and links.

We arrange customised tours for individuals and small groups. There are also a few package trips posted on this web site. We "Trek Thailand" serves as a intermediary between providers of accommodations, transport services, guidance and other facilities.

Therefore we can not be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury, accident which may happen during these tours. Also additional expenses due to delay, accident, natural disaster, political unrest, etc. are to be born by the tourist. Due to the changing situation in various places, the tour prices can be changed without prior notice or even during the tour. Participating in our tour implies the tourist's acceptance of the above conditions.

Travel accident insurance
Upon request we will purchase the travel accident insurance covering all provinces in Thailand, for you. For the trips that contain some kinds of adventure we will purchase the insurance. Alternatively you can also buy insurance at your place, covering the whole trip including Thailand, etc. In Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia there is no reliable travel insurance provider. Therefore you are requested to purchase the insurance at your place.

NOTE: If you need to visit a hospital or clinic due to an accident you have to pay yourself. We will later claim the money for you using the receipts, according to the amount covered by the insurance policy.

Payments are made by bank telegraphic transfer before arrival, cash by hand, or using credit cards. At the time being we can accept credit cards (Visa and Master) payment in our offices in Bangkok. Using credit cards clients are to pay additional bank charges of about 3.5% of the payment being made. In bank transfering the payment the bank charges such as commission, communication fees; and currency exchange are to be paid by the clients.

Notice for the payment in Myanmar: Since our Yangon tour operator office does not have facilities to accept any kinds of credit cards or cheques, payment made in Yangon must be in US$ cash only.

Usually when the reservation of all hotels and transport tickets are confirmed, we ask for a down payment by bank transfer.

Cancellation policy
Cancellation policy largely depends on the cancellation policies of service providers we use for your tour. Since the airlines and the various hotels have different policies, we will mention the cancellation policy tour by tour when we finalise the program. Usually cancellation must be made more than 21 days before arrival to avoid any charges.

Web site creation, etc.
We have web site creation and other Internet related services for the small and medium businesses. General terms and conditions for these services are available on relevent pages. Terms and conditions are also provided in the contract with our clients.

Change in the terms & conditions
Please note that we reserve the rights to change part(s) or all of the above terms and conditions at any time when necessary without prior notice.

Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

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