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Rural northern Laos scene  Helping parents by fishing - Karen village in Thailand  Wooden paddle boats on sand beach, river in Laos southern hills
Our trips are not just adventure, survival & beautiful nature but also meeting, communication and understanding between peoples of different cultures/lives as well as educational and information/idea exchange

River boat to ethnic minority villages
We travel on rivers and lakes in boats, walk on local trails, spend time and stay with local villagers.
Who we are
Our communication center is in Bangkok, that is when we are there. Since we have other projects and assignments sometimes we are out of Bangkok or Thailand. When we are not in town we are either in rural areas of Thailand/Laos/Myanmar or overseas for other projects. However we try to manage so that at least one of us has access to Internet most of the time to do the communication.

Update in April 2011 We have been taking up new educational and knowledge/skill development projects since the begining of 2009, and we have found ourselves on the move most of the time. About half of the year we are in Myanmar/Burma or in Laos. Still we continue to design and manage private small group custom trips in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar whenever and wherever we can.

For nature adventure treks, jungle walk and mountain hikes, boats on rivers and sea, cross cultural communication, minority ethnic tribal culture and life style, and survival skill building trips people who will co-manage and lead your trip are those working in national parks, villagers, village tourism committees, heads of the hilltribe villages, or small local village tour operators.

Nature and minority culture tourism
While promoting touring in the rural areas and the forest such as national parks we try to help maintain the eco-system as properly as we could. Important information on the culturally and environmentally sensitive areas shall be informed to the tourists before visiting. To keep the cultural and other damages as little as possible there are guidelines tourists have to follow. We also limite the group size as small as possible, and number of trips wed do in a year. Local people at the place (hilltribe village in the mountain, etc.) are informed of the consequences both goods and bads. We try as much as we can to let villagers take part in the management of the tours.

By promoting visits to rural areas, we intend to generate some income and positive life improvement for the local people. Villagers provide their expertise as guides, trail readers, porters, helpers. Villages also provide food and other materials used in the trips. Village people are invited to join the conversation with visitors in which they share the knowledge and make friendship. According to our experience this can also create understanding between different cultures or different people from different lives. However it is also necessary not to transform a farming village into a tourist village in which local people abandon food production. Proper community jobs and educational activities may be done during the tourists' stay in a village. Visitors will become friends of the village, rather than simply seen as tourists. On the other hand we should not make the villagers become beggars.

Nature trip with comfort
For those who require comfortable, clean, and private accommodation while travelling adventure trips we have researched and selected some places in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar where you can go for a nature walk and stay in a reasonably comfortable place. We continue to find new places.

Bungalow on Hin Boun river, Khammouane, Laos Bungalow in Mt. Victoria national park, Chin state, Myanmar
Hinboun river - Laos | Mt. Victoria national park - Myanmar
In the places where such accommodation are not available we can provide:
  • Porters to carry items such as larger tent, air matress, pillows, lamps, etc. where it is possible
  • Temporary hut made of bamboo where it is possible
  • Temporary jungle toilet
  • etc...

Semi adventure treks, expeditions and explorations
Some of our small group treks bring tourists to the nature (hilltribe villagers) trails where almost no tourists have ever walked before. To be able to offer these real jungle hiking we regularly go for survey and looking for villagers who know the trails. These trips will give you chance to test your limits and know yoursleves, learn tribal people' survival skills and simple lives in mountain villages. You will also gain more knowledge on plants and wildlife in Thailand forests.

Multi days hike in Khao Yai
Multi days hike and jungle camp

Imagine being able to talk with village people after the dinner in the jungle or at a hilltribe home! That is part of our cross cultural communication.

Who will go with visitors on the eco-tours and nature trips
For hiking in the nationals parks local guides (the ones who stay in the park and work for the conservation of the forest) from the royal forestry department or from the local village tourism club will take care of the tourists. In the area of hilltribe mountain peoples, villagers will be used as trail reader, helper, porter and guides. The trek guides have good knowledge of the area for which they help design and guide the trours, and experience in leading the treks of multi national visitors. A tour leader will be on hand throughout the trip where the trek guide does not speak English.

Other tours
We also provide hotel booking, car rental, train and air ticketing, boat rental, river travel, sightseeing, cultural and agricultural trips, ancient cities and archaeological sites visit, islands and beach tours, river and sea travel, etc.

Request for educational trips for schools and Universities, team management outings for companies and corporations, photo shooting and painting trips, research, volunteering, etc. are welcome.

Safety and health
Safety and health are paramount importances and will not be compromised. Since many of our jungle treks are customised (they are not mass commercial operations that take you on well, daily, beaten tracks) it is even more important to discuss and explain well ahead of the begining of the trip. The difficulty level of the trip, estimate weather forecast, landscape and ecology, your fitness and training requirement shall be communicated. If you are first time to tropical forest more communication will be needed. You are advised to have a look at our various treks photo essays at www.ourweb.info website. Accordingly we will discuss on clothes and gear, food and medicines to bring to the trip. We will want to know more about you to be able to provide you better advises. As well your travel details before and after the trek should be adjusted to make room for the unexpected occurances during the trek. Safety preparation will include:
  • Important phone list for every member and those at home, office
  • Road map of the area we are going
  • Inform the village head, local tourist office in town, national park or wildlife sanctuary office about our trip
  • Radio, GPS, trail map, magnetic compass on trip where possible
  • Always going with capable people with experience in emergency evacutiation and medication
  • Important medicines and first aid kit
  • Purchase travel accident insurance for all visitors
For more information on safety and health please go to Trek Guide page.

Business directory, marketing and research (over the Internet)
We keep a local business directory (at the moment Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia) in which we include small and medium size businesses. Businesses which take responsibility for the effects on community and environment are all welcome to send information for listing in the directory free of charge. Free listing is just a paragraph of text that includes company name, contact details and a brief info.

Website design and development
Since we know that proper use of Internet can make a big difference in the business, we provide simple yet effective and content rich web site design and consulting services to small and medium size companies around the world.

What else we do
As mentioned in this web site we have community projects in which visitors may participate if interested and when available. Please read "Projects" page. We also sometimes have study tours designed for young people, in which a small group of youngsters go for a nature/culture tour in do-it-yourself way.

We are now starting to promote hand made products of hilltribe people and villagers in the rural areas of this region. Please check our "Hand made products" page.

Email: trekthailand (at) yandex (dot) com

Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

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