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Thailand, Laos, Myanmar Travel Transport

Main cities and touristic places are well connected by land (bus and train), and airlines. Here are some websites to check out the airlines schedules and other land transport within Thailand.

Airport Authority of Thailand.

Thai Airways
Bangkok Airways (Regional Airlines)
Air Asia (Budget airlines)
Nok Air (Budget airlines)
Laos Airlines (regional and domestic)
Myanmar Airways International (regional)

Transport Co., Ltd. (Thailand inter city bus lines)
Their English language pages

Railways of Thailand
Train schedules in .pdf (08 Mar 2006):
Eastern lines : Northern lines : North-eastern lines : Sourthern lines

Myanmar domestic airlines

Air Mandalay
Yangon Airways
Air Bagan
Asian Wings Airways

Sea and river travel
There are no regular long distance boat and passenger ships services in Thailand. Many of Thai rivers are blocked by dams so effectively making such transport impossible. However there are many ferry boat including speed boat services linking the piers on islands and main land throughout the country.

When planning a trip to remote places in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar some people, especially the first timers, tend to under estimate the time required to travel. There are logistical matters to research and make details out of all available information.

FMM (Frequently made mistakes)
  • Whenever your flight arrives Bangkok (or any other city), you can always go to the bus station and take the bus to your destination wasting almost no time
    - Regular, every hour or every few hours, bus services exist between some crowded tourists places. But it is not true for many other destinations.
  • All roads you find on a map in Thailand are passable the whole year
    - There are some roads that are never finished but are shown on some maps (don't know why). Also there are some roads, especially those in the rugged lands, that can not be used during bad weather (rainy and flood/land slide seasons).
  • Every tourists destination can be reached from Bangkok or Chiang Mai almost straight, meaning without necessary to make hundreds of kilometers long detour.
    - There are many mountain, forest, national park, and wildlife sanctuary lands in Thailand. Roads passing these areas are mostly seasonal or are just foot paths. That makes it necessary to go a very long way around to get to certain destination.
  • Assume that there are no "gates" operating on opening and closing time.
    - When driving on the roads passing certain areas (for example, a national park) there are opening and closing time. As well when going across a river where there is no bridge you need to know the operating time of ferry boat service. Border gates here don't open 24 hours a day!
  • It is 160 km so the driving time should be 2 hours.
    - You need to check with good topographic map. If it is a mountain road going up and down and turning hundreds of curves then it could take 4 hours.
Therefore when you send us inquiry to arrange your trip please consider these transport logistics. If you have doubts let us help you plan your entire trip logistics. Even if you need our services for only some parts of the whole travel it will make sure you make a possible itinerary that you will enjoy without serious problems.

Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

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