Date postedTitle (to click)Brief description
17 Mar 2009 Looking for people to do small research works Works completed or no longer available.
26 April 2007 Assistance to people of rural under-privileged areas This is not new; since the start-up we have been helping rural communities, remote villages and under-privileged people as much as we can. Now we are offering such helping activities included in the trips to the places we visit.
14 July 2005 (Thailand) Ourweb web site Works completed or no longer available.
03 January 2004 (Thailand) Learning class for young people In the early 2002 we started to manage an educational class to those who have no access to the good education. This project is free of charge learning center.
05 June 2003 (Thailand) Bio degradable cassava packages Our land, environment, air, cities and villages, forests, rivers and canals, and ourselve have been damaged by the waste of plastic and foam materials. Kasetsart University in Thailand has developed bio degradable food packages from cassava.
12 March 2003 (Thailand) Dark side of digital technology A Thai student presentation on the dark side of high technology (digital age) from enviromental, health and psychological points of view
July 2002
Setting up a reading room in a Lisu village About a Lisu village 20 km north of Mae Hong Son. Two students traveled there, stayed with poor people for 4 days and set up a book room

Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

Physics & Math Tutoring, Education, Rural development