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TOUR 3: Umphang - Rafting, Thi Lor Su, Jungle trek - home stay

26 March 2008
This month we have trekked to the Mae Klong river side mountains commanding good panorama views of the river below and hills beyond. We have found many more trails and places for camping, fishing for eating at jungle camp, etc.
Due to other works the next trip we can arrange for your private group will be in Nov and Dec 2009. We can also include learning cooking the village and jungle style, the mix of Thai, hilltribe Karen and Myanmar ways. As usual cross-cultural communication, inter action will always be possible in addition to the nature and survival adventure.

16 Oct 2007
After the end of September trip to Umphang (Umphang - Thi Lorsu - Ban Kotha - Ban Palatha) with Israeli trekkers we ourselves went for a survey hike to the south of Palatha Karen village along Mae Klong river. There is a very good viewpoint high in the hills overlooking the Mae Klong river valley sandwiched between two steep hills. It looks like a fjord of the north sea. Very beautiful. Camping at the high hill is possible by bringing some water for cooking, drinking and cleaning.

This trip, combined with Thilor Su waterfall could be like this:-

Day 1: Leave ban Palatha in the morning to the highland view point by bamboo rafting and hiking
Day 2: Walk to the west to Ban Thi Po Gyi Karen village, home stay
Day 3: Walk over a hill and down to Ban Kotha and to Thilor Su waterfall camp
Day 4: Visit of Thilor Su waterfall. Walk to Mae Klong river and back to Umphang by truck

Or you can instead choose to continue to Thilor Lay waterfall in the further south.

19 April 2007
As we have just completed a relatively long trek from Sangklaburi (north-western Kanchanaburiprovince) to Pueng Klueng Karen village in Umphang, there seems to be many more trails still waiting to be explored. So while we are having a few treks in these pages, in fact, there are endless opportunities to do changes. One just needs to have sense of survival and encounter with unexpected. But then we are in the position to make it possible some of the requirement the travellers want during their unforgetable adventure into this remote place. Depending on the circumstances we will arrange reasonably comfortable sleeping place and good clean food to eat,

15 July 2006
We have done this trip from 8 to 11 July. It was a moderate to hard trek in the rain and there are streams to pass over by some means. Photos of the trip should be available in few weeks in our another website.

Those who come from Bangkok can take a night bus at Morchit bus terminal to Mae Sot arriving in the early morning. In Mae Sot find a public pick up truck to Umphang. We can also arrange private transport between Bangkok and Umphang upon request.

Karen village home stay is not very convenient; its toilet and water available in the village are not very good. We must send water, blankets, mosquito net to the village ahead of our visit. Every body need to help things out to make the trip most enjoyable and comfortable.

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