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TOUR 1: Khao Yai jungle walk and camping

15 Nov 2010 update
The next trip will be between 6 and 9 January 2011. The route to hike is still under study and it will be either 3 or 4 full days hike.

21 Mar 2009 update
The next available trip will be in Winter, November or Dec 2009. The dates have not yet been set and you can send us your details, prefered dates of travel, number of people, etc. Please be ready to be flexible with the dates. If the trail to walk is a new untested one please expect that we may safely get lost some times. We will have experienced national park ranger, gps, map and walki-talki. You must carry all of your stuff plus share load of provision, and be ready to rough 4 or 5 days in the jungle.

27 April 2008 update
We have came back from a four full days walk starting on the north-eastern border of the park walking pass two hill ridges, Khao Laem peak and the grassland. The first two days were quite dry and only little waters in the streams. Please see photos in the photo esssays section of website.

07 Jan 2008 update
We have just came back from 4 days 3 nights trek from Klong Blagang sub station in the north to the Sai Yai sub station in the south, both in the eastern part of Khao Yai park. The first night was spent in the Klong Blagang sub station and other two nights were in the jungle. At the first sub station we went for night spot light tour. The jungle trek was moderately hard but very rewarding. On the second night we camped near Wang Haew waterfall. This trial has not been walked by anyone for a year. Time to go is from end of November to April.

23 Jan 2007 update
We can choose to walk one of the below trails. All of them are out of the beaten tracks.

Sab Tai (Muek Lek area - north-western tip of the park) to visitor center
The trail can be walked all year round. Total of around 20 km hike can be finished in 3 days and 2 nights trek. You may choose to spend a night before or after the trek in or near the national park. Steep climb in the begining and then you will walk along the streams with waterfalls. Easy to moderately difficult.

Huay Suwat waterfall - Khao Leam peak - Substation 3 in Pak Chong district
Three days of jungle trek and camping plus a climb to a rarely visited peak of Khao Laem. Recommend to have a good night sleep in or near the national park before strating the walk. Easy to moderately difficult but you can do all year round.

Substation 4 (Klong Blagang - north-east of the park) to substation 9 (Sai Yai river - south-east of the park)
Another rarely attempted trail. Three full days (or four days) of forest walk is necessary for this 25 to 27 km trail. November to May. You should visit the Dinasour foot prints during the trek. Easy to moderately difficult. The good thing is there are no leech in this area.

Nang Rong watrefall (Nakhon Nayok) to Headquarters
This about 26 to 27 km or three days trek is moderately difficult. Climbing and walking pass many river streams and waterfalls during the walk. It should be done between December and May.

Sab Tai (Muek Lek area - north-western tip of the park) to Nakhon Nayok
This 4 days walk (more or less) requires some scrambling of steep slopes and georges. This 28 to 30 km walk is moderate to very difficult and should be done during November to June.

Note: all these trails are out of the tourist paths and you need to be fit and outdoor type. You should carry your own back pack, drinking water, snack food, and sleeping bag provided by us. All these treks will be private. National park must be informed and at least one or two park's ranger will walk together. If you want we can hire more people to carry your stuff.

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