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EMS (Express Mail Service) postage costs

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EMS Logo Below is the cost of shipping by EMS service out of Thailand to selected countries. If your country is not listed in the table please go to the Thailand Post. These costs cover insurance (up to 7000 Thai Baht value) for the loss during the shipment. Please note that these costs can be changed without prior notice.

Rates in Thai Baht
Country250 gram500 gram1000 gramEstimated shipping
time (days)
Australia5206208203 to 6
Austria6307309303 to 6
Bahrain6506507903 to 5
Belgium80090011003 to 5
Brunei4604605402 to 5
Canada70082510753 to 6
Czech6307309303 to 6
Denmark80090011003 to 5
Finland950105012503 to 5
France80090011003 to 6
Germany950105012503 to 6
Greece950105012503 to 6
Greenland2200240028004 to 6
Hong Kong4604605402 to 4
Hungary950105012503 to 6
Ireland950105012503 to 6
Italy950105012503 to 5
Japan4804806052 to 5
Korea (Rep)4804806052 to 5
Luxembourg6307309303 to 5
Malaysia4604605402 to 6
Netherlands80090011002 to 5
New Zealand5206208204 to 6
Norway950105012503 to 6
Singapore4604605402 to 4
Spain6307309303 to 6
Sweden950105012503 to 6
Switzerland80090011003 to 6
Taiwan5605606702 to 5
U.K.950105012503 to 6
U.S.A.59874010403 to 6
For up to date rates and more information about communication services in Thailand please go to Thailand Post.

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