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Where to stay in Taungoo

Myanmar Beauty guesthouse bed
Standard bed room at Guesthouse 3

There are a few hotels with licence to accommodate foreign visitors. We used Myanmar Beauty Guesthouse run by four doctors family.

They have three guesthouses:
Guesthouse 1 offers 11 economy rooms with fan (common bathroom); 13 simple standard rooms with fan and private bathroom; and 4 standard rooms with fan, aircon, and private bathroom with hot/cold shower.

Guesthouse 2 has the same categories of rooms but in bungalow style. It has only 2 economy rooms, 3 simple standard rooms and 3 standard rooms.

Breakfast at Guesthouse 3

Guesthouse 3 (Teak wood house) offers 6 simple standard rooms with fan and private bathroom with hot/cold shower; 2 standard rooms with fan, aircon and private bathroom with hot/cold shower; and 1 special standard room with same features the same as standard but larger size.

The first one is located in the town, and the latter two are located just outside of the town close to vegetable farms.

Their phone numbers are +95-54-21270 and 21527. To discuss, custom design, and manage your private group trip to Myanmar/Burma including this area please contact Asterism Travels & Tours in Myanmar.

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