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This example demonstrates how our tourist money income and benefits are distributed among communities and local businesses. The example is based on a minority cultural and nature walking trip that took place in June 2007.

Experiences delivered to the tourists
  • 5-day trip of a 4 people family from Bangkok to a hill tribal areas
  • Monority community town and border point
  • Rainy season trek and jungle survival
  • Hilltribe village homestay, their culture, works, lifes, and homes
  • Senic beauty, shooting lot of memorable photographs
  • Inter-cultural communication via tour leader and tribal guide
  • Two nights sleep in remote village homes in jungle surrounding
  • A night sleep in a rustic yet safe and decent accommodation with good views
  • A night stay in a nice and beautiful small island resort with good food
What the tour leader did
  • Email communication including trip design & quotation, with tourists
  • Phone calls with the local tribal guide and truck driver who live in town with phone access
  • Resort rooms booking, travel insurance purchase
  • Purchase of aircon bus tickets in advance at the bus station
  • Purchase of some food and stuff in town, which are not available in local villages
  • Collect sleeping bags and mosquito nets from laundry
  • Emergency plan, map, important phone contact list, and distribution of plan to parties concerned
  • Going together with the tourists, arranging things and solving problems on the spot during the trip
  • Communication between 3 different languages with the help of the local tribal guide
  • Coordination with tribal guide, driver, resorts, villagers to deliver the best possible experience to tourists
  • Make happen the trip as a sustainable, 2-way knowledge sharing/flowing between foreign tourists and hilltribe villagers
  • Taking photos and notes for future use
  • At the end of the trip sending sleeping bags and mosquito nets to laundry, cleaning other stuff, recording, review, etc.
What the local tribal guide provided
  • Trail reading - he knows the main trail, and other trails in case of the main route being impassable
  • Local ecological knowledge, jungle survival skill, smooth communication with tribe people in their language
  • Solve problems during the jungle trek, doing forest cooking
  • Deliver his knowledge and experience to the tourists
  • Carrying some load shared with the tour leader
  • Helping tour leader design the proper and realistic travel itinerary
The brief travel plan

DAY 1: Tour leader comes to meet at the bus terminal in Bangkok. The group travels by aircon bus for a 6 hrs ride to a town. Local transport is arranged to get to the resort for overnight.

DAY 2: After the breakfast the group makes a walking tour of the small border town visiting interesting places and taking photos. Back at the resort they are met by the pick up truck and get ready to go to the trail head near a village. They walk in the jungle for about 5 hrs during which they make lunch to eat near a stream. They enjoy home dinner, sightseeing, conversation with villagers, and home stay. (L,D)

DAY 3: Home breakfast is served. The group makes walking tour of the village for the morning culture and activities. They also make a visit to the primary school where they make donation of books and pencils. Then they continue their trip walking 4 hrs to another hilltribe village. They enjoy sightseeing, village dinner, conversation with villagers, and home stay. (B,L,D)

DAY 4: Breakfast and the group walks 5 hrs to the road. They arrive at the waiting pick up truck at the road and come to the guide's home to wash and collect their luggages they left. Pick up truck transfers them to the local bus station where they take aircon bus to a town 100 km before Bangkok. The group overnight at a nice small resort on an island. Tour leader goes to Bangkok office. (B,L)

DAY 5: Breakfast at the resort. Transport is arranged for the group to a train station 70 km away so they can continue to their next destination. (B)

B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner

Services provided
  • All bus tickets, local private transport in rented pick up trucks and taxies
  • One tour leader, and one ethnic tribal guide for the walk
  • Resort stays at two places, two nights, two fan cooled rooms with private bathrooms
  • Two nights village home stay; sleeping bags and mosquito nets provided
  • Meals as per the above plan: rice, vegetable and soups, bamboo shoots, some meat including canned meat, fruits (orange, banana, limes), milo and cereal drinks, assorted nuts, breads (first day of trek), boiled water for drinking, electrolite mineral refills for lost energy in sweating. The last breakfast is American breakfast at the resort
  • Leech socks, ropes, pots, pans, cups, cutlery, first aid kit, rain cover sheet, candles, etc.
  • Travel accident insurance
Selling price = Thai Baht 5600/person x 4 persons = Thai Baht 22400

Breakdown (Thai Baht)
Bus, local transport, taxies4900 To communities & economies
or 80.36%
Tour leader, ethnic tribal guide3200
Village homestays1000
Two nights Resort stay4000
Travel accident insurance800
Phone, fax, laundry, etc.800
Government tax1568 7%
Our company profit2832 For company 12.64%

With the Bangkok Bank's exchange rates of 06 June 2007 our profit 2832 Thai Baht is equivalent to 61.10 Euro, or 82.35 US$. This profit will be used for:
  • Buying books, maps, newspapers, magazines, etc. to create new travel products for our tourists
  • Pay for the room rent, electricity and water bills, phones and Internet charges
  • Maintenance, repair, and buying replacement or upgrades for our computer and communication system
  • Social welfare payment for our people
  • Three kinds of monthly taxes, year end corporate income tax
  • etc.

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