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Our research for new travel experiences | Income & benefit distribution to communities economy

We always look out for new places, new ways of travel, new adventures, and out of the beaten track locations for our visitors to experience. Whether it is for a nice enjoyment of natural scenery and local life, relaxation and recharge during a break, or jungle trek and camping of a high demand we always research to locate appropriate areas to go.

Ideas could come from any place at any time. Sometimes it is from books or newspapers or from a tv program. In many cases it simply arrives out of our imaginative playing with the maps. We also search the Internet whenever we are in town. Still, some brand new great ideas come from the requests of our tourists.

Searching Internet and our data on the computer
We have information on the computers. We also search the Internet whenever we are in town office. Local University libraries are also where we go for information.

Maps and books are our life
Maps and books are our precious sources of infromation. Maps tell us many things: location, landscape, how to go, difficulty level of travel, distances, elevations, and virtual views and imagination of what we will experience when we actually get there. However it is always necessary to find people who live nearby and who we can contact. We always call them to collect reliable information and knowledge.

Newspapers provide us a lot
Newspaper clippings provide us a lot of information too. Only problem is the boss never know how to keep them in order. For travel to rural village areas it is necessary to find local community peoples to provide their services and products for our trips. A lot of talkings is necessary to make sure we understand each other and expectations are met. Help is always provided.

Someone needs to do mid-night work
When necessary (it is quite often while we are in town) someone needs to work till mid-night or early in the morning.

Food for research trip - so little!
Finally the time arrives for a research or survey trip. We still don't understand why it is always rush and we get only little time to prepare the trip whenever the trip is without a tourist. Here is our snack ration for me and an internship student for a 4 days walk to hilltribe villages - so little!! But it is OK because we are sleeping in the villages and will eat the local food anyway.

Some scenes of our village and forest life

A meals in a hilltribe village home  A meeting room around a fire in a hilltribe village house kitchen
A typical meal in a Karen tribal village home: mountain rice, bamboo shoot soup, fish paste with chillie, vegetable, greens, etc.
After dinner meeting around a fire place in a hilltribe village house kitchen - hot plain tea prepared.

Transport on a village road in rainy season  Solo mountain camping in a dry season
Transport on a village road in one rainy season
Dry season mountain camping

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Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

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