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Ourweb web site project (14 July 2005)

This website is no longer under our management.

In the beginning of 2005 one member of Trek Thailand team discussed an idea to create a new web site. The new web site would contain good amount of information such as a directory of companies with or without their web sites, photos, maps, articles and stories, as well as heritage.

In July 2005 we have started working on Right now it is still far from complete. Below are the objectives, what we are doing and the plan for the future:

  1. To deliver information such as a directory, maps, photos with travel information, heritage items, life stories, and so on
  2. To offer low cost web site creation services for small and medium size companies and organizations
  3. To offer various research services
  4. To offer low cost advertisement services in the future when web site become popular
  5. To create a community of people where ideas, knowledge, and methods could be exchanged
  6. To let young people in the community have a real life experience of managing a web site ( shall be designed, built and managed by a team of young people many of them will be students)
  7. To help create income to the people and companies who normally could not afford expensive marketing services
  8. To preserve heritage of Thailand and neighboring countries, as well to discover opportunities to make living for those who still keep the old traditional knowledge

Work process
The building of was discussed among our members several times. We thought about the budget, structure and language of the web pages, where and how to start, how long we could go without any income, when and how to advertise for our services to sell, when to expect the first income, and so on. Many of the important ideas have been generated by our young members (currently all of them are from Ramkhamhaeng University - Bangkok).

During the course of discussion and research we have done minor changes in the plan. Since January 2005 we have been taking our time to go on a research or study trip within Thailand once a month. We took photos, talked to the local people, collected information. Some of the trips were hiking into the forest and camping with minimum amount of gear, some were just village or town visits, yet there were trips of combination of these two themes.

What we have done so far
  1. Register domain name
  2. Research the proper web hosting and bought a web space
  3. Study what information we have in our hands and what we must have in the future
  4. Web site structure or site map
  5. Study the specifications of the web hosting and decide on techniques, methods, and ways to create pages
  6. Start creating the web pages off line in the computer
  7. Back up of files

Currently we have a small business directory, a database of weather information from some important places in Thailand, some stories and articles, a few maps, and information about our services to be provided via

Extimated plan and expectation for the year 2005
  • August 2005: to complete the first stage of business directory, first batch of photos from our trips up to July 2005, major maps of Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar
  • September 2005: to collect at least 20 life articles and stories, a calendar with links to events, new section "heritage"
  • October 2005: to have 400 or more pages of useful contents, to have a site search facility
  • November 2005: to reach a steady operating state and submit to major search engines
  • December 2005: to get at least 10 paying clients for mini web site within

How you can help
If you like our work and want to help, you can assign us to create a good mini web site within or stand alone web site for you or your business. It is not expensive; besides we provide not only web site design but also consulting and information research. For more information please click at web site building section in this web site or go to and look for the link to web site development.

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