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Mathematics is a fundamental logical language about the model of the space(s) in which the environment including the planet Earth (where we live) exist. Math, along with physics and engineering are essential bodies of knowledge for human being whose living absolutely depend on the Earth and its surrounding.

Mastering math, physics, and engineering knowledge requires some efforts. Open mindedness, being able to see things from many different points of view, digging deep and wide to find the truths, being able to mentally travel through the events on different paths, logical reasoning skills, proving skills, being able to understand abstract ideas, creativity, efforts and some guidance help you succeed in your study and learning skills.

Wave emitted by a moving source
A mathematical modeling of a physical system

If you need assistance with one of below subjects there are helps. One of the experienced and freindly, patient tutors can be contacted at his personal website. This educator offers tutoring in:

- School math (precalculus 11, 12, calculus 12)
- Calculus I, II, III (differential, integral, multi-variable calculus)
- Linear algebra
- Real analysis (first course)
- Vector calculus (introductory)
- Ordinary differential equations (first course)
- Introductory statistics
- Physics for high school and colleage students
- Mechanics (statics and dynamics) for first and second year science and engineering students
- Thermodynamics (first course)

We also have to realize that everything we design, construct (however wonderful or amazing they may be in our mind) are not originally needed for the planet Earth and its space. They are for our use, for our business, for our convenience, for our (so-called) successes, and for us to earn a living. In fact, they make damage to the environment. We human being never designed and built the Earth.

However, to reduce the destruction of environment due to our action we can replace some ideas with new healthier ideas. For example, in stead of buying a new smart phone every 9 months due to arrival of new models we can keep using the same model for two years or more. Instead of the desire to have a three story house and three sport cars for the family of three, we can have a modest smaller house and just one car. Instead of going to the gym four or five times a week, we can be creative and get mental and physical benefits out of cleaning the house and the garden using hand tools, walking to shop or school, and exercising using already available objects at home or in a public park. Instead of doing exercise for the purpose of having greater power to make opposite sex to submit to you, the goal may be switched to make yourself healthy and reduce your dependence on the hospital industry.

At each action and decision we take, we should minimize the damage made to the environment (and to the society). As we succeed in our life and become important persons, our decisions play larger role in the affairs of the world and the citizens of the world. Therefore, we should use logical reasoning in decison making. Math and science education help us become more logical and responsible citizens of the planet. At the same time having greater knowledge, technology, skills and power is not the right to bully the others and act like the ministry of truth.

20th July 2018

Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

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