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Have you done with your highschool or college degree? Now is time to see the world for real experience. There are almost endless ways to travel. When you are young probably one of the best ways to see how the peoples in other countries live is to travel like locals using public transport and stay in budget accommodation and go as slow as your life permits.

Perhaps, if it is possible, live and work like locals as well. Opportunities do exist and you just need to do a careful homework before you go for a month-long or year-long backpacking. Internet is one great way to check out the stuff. Your library and friends who have came back from similar trips will also give you some good information. Search for photos, maps, contacts and perhaps make friends in the other part of the world before you book the air ticket.

In Thailand we have seen plenty of different ways the tourists or visitors come. There are student interns, gap year adventurers, fresh-graduates looking for experiences, even elder persons staying in apartment for months and working part time as language teachers or photographers to save money for their extension trips to more expensive Japan or Korea.

So what about going to Europe or north America? It that possible to go those places on budget? Ofcourse yes, but these places even on a shoestring cost are certainly more expensive than a modest tourist trips in a country like Thailand or Laos. The good news is it is easier to find variety of hostels, temporary stay, home stay, and other budhet sleeps in the UK and Europe over the Internet than for South Asia.

If you are holders of passports from the countries in the north America and western Europe, Japan, Australia, or South Korea,etc., the chances are you do not need to go through lengthy, expensive and complicated process to apply for a visit visa. That is why more than 95% of backpackers are from those rich or developed countries. Enjoy and take advantage of your privilege to discover the world in depth and width for a low cost. The knowledge, experiences and friendship you gain in these trips only sharpen and brighten your life further.

For the peoples of poorer countries such as those in South Asia, don't give up. It is true that you have much less chance to do backpacking to see the world because of generally relatively lower income interms of world's stronger currencies and difficulties in obtaining entry visa. But it is not impossible. One way is to immigrate if you do qualify. That way you move to live and work there and see the new country exactly like the locals. Extra bonus is that since you come from a poorer country you have got to gain certain experiences that others will never know.

Alpine hiking in North America
Alpine hiking in north America

However before you go to a strange country practice yourself to be positive, open minded, open to other different views and life styles and don't be judgemental. Get out of your box and enjoy the new ways of seeing and thinking. The world will be more enjoyable then. Also think about those unfortunates who, for any reason, can not afford to travel like you. You will likely see local peoples in many countries who have never been to the places in their own countries that you have already came back from. Don't look down anyone just because they lack a knowledge that you have. Maybe they do not have access like you do.

After all the planet Earth is for all of us to enjoy and maintain for many generations to come. Whatever you do, eat, buy, act, think about what will happen to the world, its citizens, animals and the environment in short and long terms. Think more than you used to. Imagine more than you used to and be considerate to others and be happy.

6th Feb 2012

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