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Private Boat trip to coastal islands, villages, etc. in Ranong (October to May)

We begin operating private small group (4 to 15 people) trips to coastal islands, mangroves, marine national parks, and villages in 2007. These trips will give you lot of experience, cross cultural communication, wide range of events and scenes to shoot photos at, time for soaking up and relax, and activities such as snorkeling, swimming, fishing, forest trekking to waterfall and/or a mountain top - the list goes on.

Victoria 4
Victoria 4
The boat: Victoria 4
The boat was built and registered in Thailand in 2006. The double decker boat is not a luxury cruiser, but it has all basic necessarities for coastal sea travel. All our trips will be within 25 km distance from the shore.

Some specifications of the boat
  • Length = 18 meter
  • Mid section breadth (width) = 4.5 meter
  • Speed = 10.5 knot
  • Upper and lower cabins' ceiling height = 2 meter
  • Power supply = AC 220V generator, and DC 12V,24V
We provide in the boat
  • Life jackets, life lines and life rings
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Water charts
  • Radio and mobile phones
  • First aid kit
  • Binoculars, magnetic compass
  • Emergency lighting, flash lights and batteries
  • Fresh water, drinking water
  • Small motor boat
  • Emergency contact numbers plate
  • Sleeping arrangement for up to 15 people (matress, bed sheet, pillow) on tour, in a single cabin
  • Toilet
  • Washing facilities
  • Kitchen corner, water boiler
  • Tables and chairs, cups, spoons, plates, tissue paper, ice box
  • Snorkeling equipment on tour
  • Fishing equipment on tour
  • Tents, sleeping bags, camping gear if the tour includes camping
Wheel room  Lower cabin in passenger ferry format
Wheel room : lower cabin in passenger ferry format

Toilet, entrance to lower cabin  Upper sun deck
Toilet & entrance to lower cabin : Upper sun deck

The trip can be from 1 day to several days. Transport by van cars can be added into any trips. We can also pick you up at your arrival stations such as Phuket airport, Chum Phon jetty or bus station, Ranong airport or bus terminal, etc. Accommodation during the trip can be onboard the boat, in a guesthouse or resort bungalow on the land, village home stay, or camping.

Sample 4 days program
Mangrove forests on Ranong sea shore
Mangrove forest

Day 1: Meet and transfer to Ranong jetty to join the boat. Take a scenic boat ride along the coastal shoreline down south to small islands in Kapoe distrit (Laem San national park). On the way we will stop to see mangrove forests along the shore and at river mouth by small dinghy. Lunch on the boat. At the island we arrive in the afternoon we will find a place to camp. The whole evening will be to enjoy and have experiences. You can go for a snorkeling, swimming, or just sun bathing. Take sunset photos. Dinner and chat around bon fire.

Day 2: After breakfast and breaking the camp properly we will go back to the boat. We will now sail to the north to a mangrove research center where we will have a walking tour and learn about mangroves. We will then take a pick up truck to Namtok Ngao (Ngao waterfall) national park. Afternoon we will have a nature walk in the rain forest to waterfall. We can also walk to the hilltop lake - a remain of a past mining activities. Today we will do cooking and enjoy dinner outdoor style. You can choose to stay in tents or in the park's bungalows.

Namtok Ngao waterfall national park  Namtok Ngao waterfall national park
Ngao waterfall national park

Day 3: After breakfast, as optional, we may do one more short nature trek. Then we will be transported back to our boat. We will go north. This evening we will stop off shore at a fishermen village. You can choose to do homestay or sleep onboard our boat. People staying on the boat can do night fishing. The villagers live quite simple way of life. The village is better reached by sea than by land. You will communicate with the local people, and get plenty of information.

Bungalows in Namtok Ngao waterfall national park  Mangrove plants
Bungalows in Ngao waterfall park : Mangrove plants

Day 4: Morning time can be spent in the village or snorkeling around the boat. We will come back to Ranong.

Please use the inquiry form or email us to design a proper trip for your private group. We will supply food: rice, fish and other meat, vegetable, canned food, seasonal fruits, hot drinks, soft drinks, beer, ice, etc. according to your requirement and what we can do onboard.

Featured programs / Boat trips on Andaman sea, Ranong shore Back to programs list

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