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Myanmar travel programs (samples)

We like to design customised travel plan according to your likes, dislikes, available time period, and of course various local situations such as roads, tansport schedules, weather and festivals.

Below are two example tours for your reference: four days Yangon and around, and 10 days to cover major tourist destinations namely Yangon, Inle lake, Mandalay and Bagan (Pagan). These maybe good for the first timer. For those who are coming back the second time please contact us or visit Our Myanmar Operators

4 days and 3 nights Yangon and Kyaikhtiyo pagoda

Day 1: Arrive Yangon.
Arrive Yangon by morning or evening flight. If in the morning or mid-day you will have time to visit the famous large Shwedagon pagoda built on a highest hill in the city center. Overnight hotel in Yangon.

Day 2: To Kyaikhtiyo pagoda on the cliff
Today you will have excursion to Golden rock pagoda (Kyaikhtiyo pagoda) which is about 200 km north east of the capital. Kyaikhtiyo pagoda was built during the life time of Buddha (574 BC) on a rock which is delicately resting on the very edge of a high cliff at 1102 meters above sea level. It is a wonderful thing to see.

On the way you may also visit a couple of Pagodas in Bago (80 km from Yangon). At Kyaikhtiyo base camp you will be transfered to take a public shuttle truck to the upper level station. From where walk a few hundred meters to the hotel. You will walk around a theme park like natural surrounding on the mountain to visit Kyaikhtiyo pagoda as well as other smaller pagodas. Have a sunset panorama view from the highest peak. Overnight hotel.

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda, Mon state, Myanmar Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda at sunset, Mon state, Myanmar
Kyaikhtiyo (Golden rock) pagoda on the rock, Mon state, Myanmar
Day 3: Return to Yangon
Early risers will have chance to have the beautiful sunrise view. Back to the base camp in a public shuttle truck. On the way back to Yangon you can stop at villages and small towns with large paddy fields background, to see the rural life. Overnight hotel in Yangon.

Day 4: Departure
Morning time can be for sightseeing and shopping in Yangon. You should take a evening departure flight.

10 days and 9 nights country visit

Day 1: Arrival Yangon
Some sightseeing in the city. Overnight in Yangon.

Day 2: By flight to Inle lake
Take a morning flight to Heho airport in the southern Shan hills, from where car transfer to the hotel at Inle lake. Inle is a natural lake in the hills. Its waters are at about 900 meters above sea level. The weather is cool year round, scenes are very nice, and there are various races and tribe people of Myanmar. Highlights are floating gardens and the people who row their boats using one leg while standing on the other. Overnight hotel at Inle lake.

Rowing the boat by one leg on Inle lake, Shan state
Inle lake, Shan state

Day 3: Inle lake
Visit of Inle lake and surrounding villages in a boat. You can walk up the hills to have panorama views. Buddhist pagodas, monasteries, local markets and so on. Overnight hotel at the lake.

If you could spend one more day visit to Taunggyi (capital of Shan state) and ancient "Pa-O" temple compound of "Kat Ku" (42 km or 1.5 hours drive from Taunggyi - about 2.5 hours drive from Nyaung Shwe the town close to Inle).

Kat Ku temples are spectacular ancient monuments. The site contains over 2,000 Buddhist stupas dating back many centuries. Legend describes that the first chedis were built by King Alaung Sithu, the 12th century King of Bagan.

Day 4: To Pindaya
In the morning visit a 5-day rotating market (usually not far from the lake) where local tribe people trade their produces: clothes, cloths, baskets, bags, vegetables, flowers, fruits, tools. In the afternoon check out and move to Pindaya town. A place good for nature walking, trekking and hilltribe village visit. Pindaya limestones caves complex is also worth visiting. Overnight hotel in Pindaya.

Day 5: To Mandalay
Car transfer to Heho airport. Take a flight to Mandalay airport. Mandalay is the second largest city in Myanmar. Places to visit are Innwa old city, Amarapura (2 km long wooden bridge called "Ubein bridge" over a lake, silk factories, monasteries), and the city with many pagodas and monasteries. Mandalay hill is a good place to view the whole city. Overnight hotel in Mandalay.

Day 6: Mandalay
Take one full day for sightseeing in and around the city. You can also visit Sagaing on the western side of the Ayeyarwaddy river. Sagaing has meditation centers in the hills. Going upriver, there is Mingun (a place with a large ringing bronze bell, and a huge un-finished pagoda). But you need one more day if you want all these places. Overnight hotel in Mandalay.

Day 7: By boat on Ayeyarwaddy river to Bagan
If today is Mon, Tue, Thur or Saturday you will have triple decker tourist boat. On the other days the boat is double decker mostly used by local people. (But please note this is according to the schedule in 2002 and early 2003). Tourist boat leaves Mandalay at 0600 hour. The double decker departure time is 0530 hour.

Both boats have seats in the halls, roof, toilets, and a restaurant. Tourist boat is faster since it stops at only two places. Along the way you will see local people life on the river and in the villages. Arrival time at Nyaung U jetty (6 km from Bagan) depends on the water level. During the rainy season (August to November) it could be 1500 to 1600 hour. In other months the boat arrives late. In dry season (February to May) the boat may even stop running.

This trip is like going back in time to the 11th century Buddhist archaeological site. Overnight hotel in Bagan.

Day 8: Bagan
Things to see are ancient temples in various villages of Bagan and Nyaung U, Mt. Popa (67 km from Bagan), Sale (45 km south of Bagan, also have ancient temples and monasteries), Tent Kyi hills on the western side of the Ayeyarwaddy river (it also has an ancient temple at the summit). All in one day is not possible.

At sunset climb on a temple to have a very nice panorama view. All around you are hundreds of ancient monuments. Behind them is the majestic Ayeyarwaddy (Irrawaddy) river. On the western side are hills on which the sun takes a nap. In the middle of 2003 the government is planing to build a watch tower. After that you may need to use the watch tower only to view the sunset. Overnight hotel in Bagan.

Day 9: To Yangon
Free time in the morning. Leisure walk along the river bank or read books. Or visit the farmlands, toddy trees plantation, local communities, etc. In the afternoon take a flight back to Yangon. Evening is on the streets of Yangon. Overnight hotel in Yangon.

Day 10: Departure
Last day in Myanmar for this trip.

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