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Private Boat trip to islands on Gulf of Thailand (whole year)

Using the Thai style boat owned by one of our partners we can offer chartered boat services to islands on the Gulf of Thailand. The trips will usually start and end in South Pattaya. Map of Gulf of Thailand is at the bottom of this page.
Chanasin Thai Boat

Services we can provide
  • The boat, fuel oil, crew and onboard equipment (please see the specifications below)
  • Bungalow, guesthouse or hotel stay on the islands
  • Camping in tents on the islands
  • Sightseeing on the islands and port towns
  • Snorkeling, fishing, kayaking
  • Meals and drinks
  • Partying, meeting on the boat
  • Study and research tours programs
  • Car transfer to and from the boat jetty
  • English speaking staff
  • Travel accident insurance
The tours are chartered private trips and are suitable for 4 to 20 people. Recommended length of the trip is two to seven days. Longer than one week trips can also be arranged.

Specifications of "Chanasin" Thai Boat

Many parts of the main structure and cabins of Chanasin Thai Boat are made of wood. The boat was tested for sea worthiness in December 2005, and the first 2-day 1-night trip to Koh Si Chang, Koh Phai, Koh Lim (koh Rin) and Koh Lan was successfully done in early January 2006.

Main specifications
  • Overall length 23 meters
  • Overall width (beam) 5.6 meters
  • Draft 1.5 meters
  • Minimum water depth 3.0 meters
  • Speed 10 Knots
  • Seven air-conditioned sleeping cabins (two persons each)
  • One air-conditioned salon (30 seats) for living, seminar, partying, etc.
  • One outdoor salon with canopy roof (50 seats) for living, karaoke, discotheque, dining, etc.
  • One full kitchen
  • Four toilets/shower rooms
  • 30 Snorkeling equipment
  • Four Kayaks
  • Three fresh water tanks (total 10,000 liters)
  • Navigation equipment
    • GPS
    • Radio
    • Depth sounder
    • Magnetic compass
    • Water charts
    • Binoculars
    • Spot light
    • Loud speaker system
  • Safety equipment
    • 60 Life jackets
    • One service boat
    • Four fire extinguishers
    • First aid kit
    • Mobile phones
  • Propulsion/Electricity system
    • Cummin main engine (350 HP)
    • Komatsu generator engine (90 HP)
    • Portable emergency generator set
    • 220 Volt x 60 Hz electric sockets

Ladder between upper and forward decks
The wheel room and
the ladder down to bow
GPS navigator
GPS navigation device
in the wheel room

Chanasin boat
Lower deck plan
Lower deck plan

1 = Lower deck
2 = Main deck
3 = Upper deck

A = Air-conditioner
E = Engine room, fresh water tanks
P = Propeller
R = Rudder
L = Ladder to main deck
C-1 to C-7 = Sleeping cabins

Lower deck is linkd to the main deck through the air-conditioned salon. Seven cabins for sleeping of 14 guests are centrally air-conditioned. Electric lightings, matresses, and pillows are provided. Except C-1 , the large cabin, all cabins are fitted with sliding doors. If the trip goes to overnight at an island it is possible to sleep on the island in tents or in bungalows.

Sleeping cabin
Sleeping cabin
Walkway to sleeping cabins

Main deck plan
Main deck plan

1 = Lower deck
2 = Main deck
3 = Upper deck

AC = Anchor
B = Bow deck
C = Sitting
L1 = Ladder to lower deck - sleeping cabins
L2, L3 = Ladders to upper deck
S = Salon (air-conditioned)
SD = Sliding door
K = Kitchen
T = Toilet/Shower
EM = Embarkation deck
H = Access to engine room

Main deck consists of air-conditioned salon (approxximately 8.0 m x 5.2 m), kitchen with full equipment, toilet/shower rooms, the deck for keeping and preparation of diving and snorkeling equipment, and embarkation deck with foldable ladders and fresh water pipes for cleaning.

Air-con salon in the main deck
Air-con salon
Kitchen in the main deck
Toilet in the main deck

Upper deck plan
Upper deck plan

1 = Lower deck
2 = Main deck
3 = Upper deck

L1 = Ladder to main deck
L2 = Ladders to bow deck, anchor
W = Wheel room, captain's cabin
CC = Crew cabin
SD = Sliding door
S = Salon, sun deck

Wheel room and outdoor salon are on the upper deck. The front ladder leads to the bow where the anchor is.

Upper deck
Upper deck
Wheel room
Outdoor salon
Outdoor salon

Gulf of Thailand map (northern part)

Map of northern Gulf of Thailand

K1 = Koh Sichang
K2 = Koh Phai
K3 = Koh Lan
K4 = Koh Rin
K5 = Koh Khram
K6 = Koh Samae-San
K7 = Koh Samet
K8 = Koh Chang

1 = Prachuap Khirikhan
2 = Khao Sam Roi Rot marine national park
3 = Hua Hin
4 = Cha-Am
5 = Phetchaburi
6 = Samut Songkhram
7 = Samut Sakhon
8 = Samutprakarn
9 = Bangkok
10 = Chonburi
11 = Lam Chabang deep sea port
12 = Pattaya
13 = Sattahip
14 = Chanthaburi
15 = Trat
16 = Had Lek Thailand - Cambodia border

R1 = Maeklong river
R2 = Thachin river
R3 = Chaopraya river
R4 = Bangpakong river
R5 = Chanthaburi river

For quotation please contact us with information:
  • Approximately how many people
  • Approximately when and for how many days
  • The places/islands you want to go
  • The services you want from us (please see above)
  • Any other requirement should be included in the inquiry
We can design plan the trip itinerary for you. Final program with details and prices and confirmed booking must be made at least two weeks from the departure date to allow us to prepare.

Featured programs / Private Boat trip to islands on Gulf of Thailand Back to programs list

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