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Doi Pha Klong National Park
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Doi Pha klong national park is located in Long district, Prae province. It once was Suan Hin Maharaj park built for honoring His Majesty the King in the celebration of his 5th cycle birthday. Doi Phaklong is the source of water for Yom river. Its outstanding spot is Phukhao Hin Pakarang (the coral mountain) created by the movement of the earth surface.

The landscape is of high steep mountains lying north to south. Some areas are plains on mountains with stones naturally coming out from the ground. Most of the area is mixed deciduous forest inserted with dry evergreen forest and Dipterocarp forest. There are rare and nearly extinct wild animals such as mountain goat, barking deer, black bear, warthog and various birds. In the streams in the forest, there are many kinds of small fish, reptile and amphibian found.

Tourist attractions
There are Suan Hin Maharaj, Tham Jan Pha (cave), Phukhao Hin Pakarang (coral mountain) or Rong Hin Taek (cracked rock channel). There are several nature trails in the park.

Hiking in the woods, visiting the caves, camping, bird watching, rafting and cycling are some of the activities.

Accommodations and facilities
A bungalow is available at the headquarters area. A camp ground, rest rooms and food services are available near the headquarters. There is another camp ground, rest rooms and visitor center in Hin Pakarang mountains. Please contact the park for a map and information.

How to get there
Doi Pha Klong national park is located about 20 km from the town of Prae. Take the route Prae - Long (highway no. 1023). The park office is on the highway.

Contact address
Doi Pha Klong National Park
Taphamok Sub-district, Amphur Long, Phrae, Thailand 54150
Phone: 054-501 145

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