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Doi Phu Kha National Park

Doi Phuka national park, in Nan province, was designated on 17 June 2000. The park is named after the tallest peak in the park boundaries, Doi Phuka, which sits at 1980 meters (6140 feet) above sea level. It is the northern Thailand's largest national park covering 1,704 square kilometers.

Since the landscape was created under the ocean there are abundance of limestones. Consequently there are limestone caves, waterfalls, and fossils. Rainy season is from May to October, with the peak rainfall in August and September. The cold season (November - February) is the popular season for the visitors.

There are 3 main different forest types. Mixed Decidous forest, Dipterocarp with Oak forest and hill evergreen forest. There is a rare plant called Chompoo Phuka Tree in the park. This tree flowers in the month of February and fruits in the month of May. The flower, white rose in color, bloom in long upright racemes.

Tourist attractions
  • Mountain view point Doi Phu Ka: A rugged mountain with fantastic scene. The weather out there is cool and there are fogs and clouds all year.
  • Waterfalls: The tallest waterfall in the park is Phufah waterfall. Fah Shee Nok waterfall, Mae charim Ton Tong waterfall, and many other waterfalls are also worth visiting.
  • Caves: Many caves are found within the borders of Doi Phuka national park.
  • Tharn Lod: Local people call it "Nam Ok Roo", which is a natural phenomenon. The water inside a cave in the mountains, flows out across the caves to the outside.
  • Palan Hin rock garden and cliff: Natural formations on Doi Phu Wae and on some other cliffs.
  • The Ancient Palm (caryota sp.): It is an endangered species. These trees grow well here due to the proper soil properties. These are found on the rocky mountain slopes.
Sunset view
Sunset view from a forest trail

Rain forest plants
Plants and trees of rain forest on the mountain slopes

A bungalow house
A bungalow house

Accommodations and facilities
Several bungalow style accommodations and huts are available at the headquarters area. Car parking, camp ground, a restaurant, and rest rooms are also provided.

How to get there
To get to the Doi Phuka national park, take the route Nan - Pau for 60 km. There is a sign mark that will take you along the 25 km turn-off route to the headquarters.

Contact address
Doi Phu kha National Park
Phu Kha Sub-district, Amphur Pua, Nan, Thailand 55120
Phone: 054-701 000, 054-731 362

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