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Chae Sawn (Chae Son) National Park

Hot spring wonders
Chae Sawn national park is a rich mountainous forest located in the northest of Lampang province. It is situated in the districts of Muang Bahn and Chae Sawn, and covers an area of about 768 square kilometers.

The forest and mountains provide and important water source for the surrounding area. The park contains waterfalls, caves and its famous hot springs along with many species of fauna and flora.

Before Chae Sawn became a national park it was a forest park which had two names "Eang Nam Oun" and "Chaw Sawn waterfalls".

The park became Thailand's 58th national park on 28 July 1988.

"Pee Pan Nam" mountain range runs on a north south axis. The tallest mountain on this range is "Doi Langgar". The forest provides an important source of water for many creeks that flow down into the river Wang.

Flora and fauna
The forest include lower mountain evergreen forest, moist evergreen forest, pine forest, dry dipterocarp forest, and tropical mixed deciduous.

Wildlife in the park include barking deer, mouse deer, wild pig, Asian golden cat, rabbit, serow, flying lemur, monkey, skunk, bear and squirrels. There are also many bird species. Cicadas are particularly high in number during April every year when they visit the hot springs.

Tourist attractions
  • Chae Sawn waterfall originates from Mae Mon creek. It has six levels and many pools. It is located about 1 km from the headquarters and can be reached by car or on foot.
  • Mae Mon waterfall is a fast flowing high waterfall with many steps. It is 5 km from the headquarters by dirt track.
  • Mae Koon waterfall is close the Mae Mon waterfall. Water falls over 100 meters and flows into the same river as Mae Mon.
  • Mae Bieg waterfall is located 3 km from the headquarters and can be reached by a nature trail. The falls drop 100 m over 3 levels.
  • Hot springs There are 9 boreholes emitting the hot water from deep in the earth. The area is covered with many small rocks and you will notice the strange smell of sulphur in the air. The water emerges at a temperature of over 70ºC.
  • The Warm spring is a pool where the water from the hot spring meets with the cold water of Chae Sawn waterfall creating pleasant warm water for a bath.
  • The Hot spring rooms comprise of 11 rooms for relaxing in large pools of spring water and 16 rooms for taking a Thai style bath. The rooms are all linked by pipes to the hot spring. Bathing in the water is said to be good for healthy blood flow. Fees are collected.
  • Pha-ngam cave is located at sub station 2 which is 8 km from Wang Nua district. Substation 2 is about 60 km from the headquarters. There are many caves.
How to get there
The park is located about 68 km from Lumpang. There are two ways to get to the park.

1. Starting from the sports stadium in Lumpang, follow the Lumpang - Harnchad road. At the T - junction in Barn Nam - Tong turn right and follow the road number 1157 (Lumpang - Hueybang - Muang Bahn) for about 55 km, then turn right into the road number 1252 (Kuang Kom - Pang Fairng). It is about 11 km to the headquarters. In total it is about 68 km.

2. Travel from Lumpang on road 1035 (Lumpang - Chae Hom) to Chae Hom for about 58 km. Then turn left at the T - junction at Barn pongkob and follow the road number 1287 (Muang - Chae Hom) for about 6 km. Then turn right into road number 1252 and follow it for 11 km to the headquarters. In total it is about 75 km.

Accommodations and facilities
The park has a visitor centre, 10 bungalows and 2 dormitories (youth hostels). There is also a meeting room, and a camping site where equipment can be rented. There is a park restaurant. There are also 10 or so privately run food and snack stalls.

Contact address
Chae Sawn National Park
Tambon Chae Sawn,Muang Bahn district,
Lumpang Province.
Phone: 054-380 000, 089 851 3355

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