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Mae Ngao National Park

The 412 square kilometers Mae Ngao national park is located in Mae Hong Son, Tak, and Chiang Mai provinces of the north-western Thailand.

The park consists of high steep hills which are sources of many streams that run down to the Salawin river. Ngao river runs through the park for 42 kilometers and forms the border between Tak and Mae Hong Son provinces. The volume of water is 10 to 20 meters wide, and the current flow is strong in rainy season. It is used as a transport route by hilltribe people.

More than 200 km long Yuam river runs through many districts in Mae Hong Son province. Inside the park its length is about 14 km. The river meets Ngao river and Moei river before flowing into Salawin (Thanlwin) river.

The majority of the forest is hill evergreen forest that covers lands higher than 1000 meters elevation. Mixed deciduous forest grows along the banks of Ngao river. Dry dipterocarp plants are seen at slopes. There have been a number of mammals, bird species, reptiles, and amphibious animals found in these forests.

The rainy season is from June to October, followed by cool months of November till February. Then comes the hot season in which average maximum temperature has been 35º C.

Interesting places for tourists are:
  • Ngao river - a good place for rafting in the rainy season. There are many rapids there.
  • Tham Pla cave or fish cave is located at Ban Umlow village nearby the Ngao river. Inside the cave is a swamp where a lot of fish are seen.
  • O Lo Gro waterfall is a large beautiful waterfall formed at a section of O Lo Gro stream. The 150 meters high waterfall is reached by a long trek on foot.
  • Doi Pui viewpoint is located on the slope of Doi Pui Luang with elevation range of 1600 to 1700 meters. Cool and dry season offers misty landscape views.
Facilities in the park
Camp ground and public rest rooms are available. Visitors should bring their own gear, tents, and food.

To get to the national park, from Mae Sariang drive on highway 105 to the south to Sop Moei town, about 25 km. Continue another 15 km to Ban Mae Ngao town. Then turn left onto a dirt road and proceed another 5 km to the park headquarters.

Contact address
Mu 8, Ban Mae-Ngao, Mae Suad Sub-district, Amphur Sop Mei, Mae Hong Son, Thailand 58110

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