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Mae Moei National Park

It covers 185 square kilometres in Tha Song Yang district of Tak province. It is named Mae Moei national park because almost 50 kilometres area in the north of the park borders Mae Moei river.

Most part of the park is ruggedly mountainous. Average elevation is about 680 metres above sea level, and the area is covered by fertile forests. It is also an important headwater of Mae Moei, Mae Song, Mae U-Su, and Mae Slit Luang rivers.

There are a lot of rains from May to October that makes traveling quite difficult. The weather is warm in the summer. During cool season the weather is cool and pleasant and it is the best time to visit.

Places to visit
Mae U-Su Cave is a beautiful cave with a stream running through. Inside the cave are formations of fantastic stalactites and stalagmites.

The Headquarter view point is a good place to see the landscape of the park that is covered by mist in cool season. It is also a good place to see sunsets and sunrises. Climbing to this viewpoint takes 3 to 4 hours.

Mon Kewlom is another view point to have sun rise view over the landscape covered by morning mist. It is 14 kilometres from the headquarter and there is a campsite there.

Accommodations and facilities
Two bungalow houses, visitor information center, camp grounds, public rest rooms are available. Please contact the park for more information.
How to get there
From Tak take the highway no.105 (Tak - Mae Sot - Mae Sariang) to Mae Sot town. Then keep going from Mae Sot district for 84 kilometres on the same highway no.105 (now heading north) to a right-turn off road that will take you to the park and Mae U Su Cave.

Contact address
Mae Moei National Park
Mae Song Sub-district, Amphur Tha Song Yang, Tak, Thailand 63150
Phone: 055-577 409

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