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Lan Sang National Park
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Topography and climate
A waterfall in the park Lan Sang became the Thailand's 15th national park on 14 May 1978 with an area of 104 square kilometers in Tak province. Steep rugged mountains covered in fertile natural forests are the prominent features of the Park. Khao Luang mountain divides the park into two. The highest peak, Oomyod, reaches 1,065 meters above sea level.

Higher slopes and mountain watersheds are covered with hill evergreen and hill pine forest. The main forest types in the lower areas are mixed deciduous, dry evergreen and dipterocarp forest. The variety of forest habitats provides homes for a rich diversity of wildlife such as barking deer, sambar deer, wild pig, monkey, languar, flying lizard and the rare serow (a mountain goat) and golden cat. Lan Sang is also a historical park, as King Taksin once rested his army in this area during their long march to Chiang Mai.

Tourist attractions
  • Pha-Lad: It is a 25 meters wide and 40 meters long sloping slab of rock lying below the clear water of the Lan Sang stream. Flowing water sprays over the stone slab before dropping into the lower pool.
  • Lan Lieng Ma waterfall: It is a small waterfall on the Lan Sang stream, located 200 meters upstream of Pha-lad.
  • Lan Sang waterfall: It is located upstream of Lan Lieng Ma waterfall. Flowing water shoots out of a narrow crevice, tumbling down 3 levels to reach the pool above Lan Lieng Ma waterfall. This 40 meters high waterfall is the most popular site in Lan Sang national park.
  • Pha-ngoen waterfall: This fall on the Pha-ngoen stream has water flowing down the 15 meters drop in the cool and rainy seasons only. The most beautiful aspect of the waterfall is the square-faced rock slabs, with their weird stalactite and stalagmite-like limestone formations.
  • Yoi waterfall: This fall pours down an 8 meters drops into the Lan Sang stream.
Accomodations and facilities
Several bungalow houses, youth hostel, visitor information center, camp ground, restaurants, rest rooms are available in the park.

How to get there
People can reach Lan Sang national park by taking highway no. 105 (Tak - Mae Sot). If you drive from Tak, turn left to the south at km 12 mark and continue 3 km to the park's headquarters.

Contact address
Lan Sang National Park
Mae Tho Sub-district, Amphur Muang Tak, Tak, Thailand 63000
Phone: 055-57 7207, 086-443 3010

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