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Lam Nam Nan National Park

Lam Nam Nan National Park covers an area of Phrae and Uttaradit province. It covers 999 square kilometres area including 203 square kilometres of Sirikit Dam.

Rugged mountain ranges covered with many kinds of forests such as dry evergreen, mixed deciduous, dipterocarp, and savanna forest. The park is a headwater of Yom river and is home of several wildlife. There are 200 birds diversity in this area.

The weather is hot and humid during daytime in the summer: February to June. During the cool season, November to February, the weather is pleasant especially on the mountains. May to October is the wet season that brings lot of rains.

Places to visit
Sirikit Dam is built to obstruct Nan river. There are many islands (formerly hilltops) on the water and it is a good place to take the boats to see scenery around the dam.

Phu Pa Ya Pho is the highest mountain (1350 meters) in the park, that is located beside the Churng Tong - Kew Kian road. It separates Phrae and Uttaradit province and is a good view point where you can have a panorama scene of the park and the dam.

Accommodations and facilities
A bungalow room is available at the headquarters area. Camp ground, visitor center, and rest rooms are provided.

Lam Nam Nan bungalow house
Bungalow house

How to get there
From Uttaradit province take the highway no.1045 (Uttaradit - Sirikit Dam). You will pass Ruam Chit Junction. After that you will get to Ban Huay Charoen (a village) and here you will see the sign of Lam Nam Nan National Park. Keep driving on unpaved road about 4 kilometres till you will arrive at the headquarter that locates next to Sirikit Dam.

Contact address
Lam Nam Nan National Park
Mu 8, Pha Loead Sub-district, Amphur Tha Pla, Uttaradit, Thailand 53190
Phone: 055-436 751, 085-049 4164

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