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Klong Lan National Park
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Klong Lan national park is located in Klong Lan district and main town area of Kamphaeng Phet province. Klong Lan is a large forest complex in the province, containing watershed for many fields of Mae Ping river and streams. The 300 square kilometers park was designated a national park on the 25th December, 1982 as the 44th national park of Thailand.

The park is rugged and hilly, and is covered by fertile forest. Each mountain connects to Khun Klong Lan, the highest point 1,439 meters above sea level. The weather is pleasant all year round on the hills.

Teak, Shorea obtusa, Shorea siamensis, Pterocarpus macrocarpus and bamboo are the dominant tree species. Common wildlife are sambar deer, barking deer, wild pig, macaque, squirrel and birds.

Tourist attractions
  • Klong Lan waterfall: Waters from many streams drop over the 100 meters high cliff, which is 40 meters wide. It is one of the most beautiful falls in Kampaeng Phet province.
  • Klong Nam Lai or Pang Kwai waterfall: It is located 25 km from the headquarters. Out of total 9 levels, the pool at the 3rd level is good for swimming.
Accommodations and facilities
Several bungalow style accommodations are available for overnight visitors at the headquarters area. Also available are visitor center, car parking, grocery store, camping ground, and rest rooms.

Accommodation bungalows Accommodation bungalows
Rooms have fan, hot shower, beds. Drinking water, vacuum flask, cups are provided.

Accommodation bungalows Accommodation bungalows Accommodation bungalows
Each bungalow has one bedroom, one bath and is good for two persons.

How to get there
To get to Klong Lan national park use the highway no. 1. At km 346 mark, take a left turn to the road number 1117 and travel to Klong Lan district for 36 km. At Kong Lan market, turn right into the marked road for 6 km to the headquarters.

Contact address
Klong Lan National Park
Khlong Lan Pattana Sub-district, Amphur Klong Lan, Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand 62180
Phone: 055-766 425

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