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Khun Nan National Park

Khun Nan national park covering 248 square kilometres is located in Bo Klua district of Nan province, close to border with Laos.

The park comprises of rugged mountain ranges covering the whole park area. The main ranges are Phu Fah, Nam Wa Noi, Nam Wa Klang, and Pi Pan Nam which are the important head waters of many river streams. Wa river (Mae Nam Wa) originates in the water sources of these mountains, and flow through the park to the lowland.

Due to its high elevations and rugged mountain ranges with healthy forest cover the average temperature is around 10º C in cold season (October to January) and 28º C in the summer time (February to April).

The parks is not yet very popular among tourists (2003), and thus it still keeps its natural beauty in a good shape. There are waterfalls, rapids, view points to explore carefully.

Three bungalow rooms are available at the headquarters area. A camp ground and rest rooms are also near the headquarters.

Bungalow room at the headquarters area Bungalow room at the headquarters area Bungalow room at the headquarters area
Accommodations at the headquarters area

Contact address
Khun Nan national park
Dongpraya Sub-district, Amphur Bo Klua, Nan, Thailand 55220
Phone: 084-483 7240

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