National parks in the North

Kaeng Chet Kwae National Park

Kaeng Chet Kwae national park covers 287 square kilometres in Phitsanulok province.

Generally rugged mountains covered by mixed deciduous, hill evergreen, dry evergreen forest. These forest are the habitat for several wildlife.

Some interesting places to visit
Kaeng Chet Kwae national park provides variety of activities such as rafting, cycling, bird watching, and exploring nature trails.
Kaeng Chet Kwae, Kaeng Kun Na Noi, and Kaeng Jone are the stone islands located in Khwai Noi river. During dry season when water level decrease these islets can be seen.
Lan Khao Ma Kieo view point. From here you can view Khwai Noi river that runs through the forest and many islets.

Accommodations and facilities
There are camp sites provided but you need to bring your own tents and equipment. For more information please contact the Royal Forestry Department in Bangkok at 02-579 5734 and 02-579 7223.

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