Myanmar directory - food & agriculture

AGS Asia Golden Shrimp Limited.
No.85/86 Bahosi Estate, Warden Street, LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-228456, 225986; Fax: +95-1-212788; Mobile: +95-9-9925345, 9926574
Marine products trading

247, Bogyoke Aung San St., KTDA, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-245562, 548925, 706892
Rice trading

Aung Sabei
310(C), Anawratha St., PBDN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-250043, 541088
Dried Tea

89, Sint Oh Dan St., LTA, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-251581
Rice trading

D13, Aung Thapye St., Bayint Naung Warehouse, MYGN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-680301, 681326
Rice trading

559, Maha Bandoola St., PBDN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-280869, 246647
Coffee and Tea Dealer

Flying Dragon
188, Konzedan St., PBDN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-280774, 240646
Dried Tea

Golden Cup
135, Lanmadaw St., LMDW, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-250997, 278915
Coffee Dealer

Golden Lion
129, ShweTaung Tan St., LMDW, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-228668
Dried Tea

137, 51st St., PZDN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-294712
Coffee Dealer

Hi Traditional Myanmar
50, Golden Valley, BHN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-532845
Myanmar Restaurant

Hteik Tan
23, Oo Yin St., KMDG, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-526795
Rice trading

Khine & Brothers
258, Bo Sun Pat St., PBDN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-246173
Dried Tea

Khine Thazin
414, Theinbyu Rd., MTNT, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-246173
Dried Tea

45, 29th St., PBDN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-245176
Dried Tea

Miba Kye Zue Co., Ltd
No. 86, U Chein Street, Industrial Zone (2), HLG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-221802; Mobile: +95-9-992263, 9922920, 684560
Agricultural products trading

Myanmar Dairy industries Ltd
507/3-B Pyi Yeik Road, KMYT, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-525263; Fax: +95-1-283745

Myanmar Nyunt Co., Ltd
106/1098 93 RD Street, Kandawgalay P.O, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-280099, 273346, 245250; Fax: +95-1-280632
Agricultural products trading

182/202, Rm-29, 34th St, KTDA, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-287722
Dried Tea

Pan Ayar
21, Oo Yin St., KMDG, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-526795, 513850
Rice trading

Paris Bakery House
178, Sule Pagoda Rd.,KTDA, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-273413

Pathein Tha
8, 19th St., LTA, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-226722, 720408
Rice trading

Pole Star
81, Lan Thit St., LMDW, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-222095
Myanmar Restaurant

Promised Land Trading Co., Ltd
No. 402, Strand Road, Coner of 20th Street, LTA , Yangon.
Phone: + 95-1-226788, 210030; Fax: +95-1-210032; Mobile: +95-9-9921238
Agricultural products trading

San Bayin
West Shwegonedine Rd., BHN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-542691
Rice trading

Shan Taung Tan
535(C), Pyay Rd., KMYT, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-525796
Dried Tea

Shin Min
3, Kuyn Kyaung (1) lane, AHLN, Yangon. Phone:+95-1-706061, 223048
Rice trading

248, Kyaikkasan Rd., TMWE, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-550239
Rice trading

Shwe Mithar Su
173, 29th St., PBDN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-253421
Myanmar Restaurant

Shwe Palaung
223, 37th St., KTDA, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-245340
Coffee Dealer

Shwe Pazun
248, Anawratha St., AHLN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-222305, 211709; Fax: +95-1-227771
Food and drink

Shwe Pon Gyi
9, Oo Yin St., KMDN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-524683
Rice trading

Shwe Pyi Win
144, Bogyoke Aung San St., PZDG, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-290922
Dried Tea

Sin Min
428(D), Rm-3, Shwegondine Rd., BHN, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-541572
Rice trading

Sinoda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
No. 31, University Ave, Bahan township, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-542 894
Mike-Tea (3 in 1 Instant Tea Mix), Sinoda coffee mix, Sinoda tea mix

57/59 Wadan St., LMDW, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-221516, 223595
Rice trading

Theik Di Shin
331/333, Anawrahta St., LMDW, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-223503
Myanmar Restaurant

Thutheikdi Trading Entreprise Ltd
No.77/1, 38th Street, KTDA, Yangon. Phone: +95-1-272663, 249102; Fax: +95-1-250488
Agricultural products trading

Wyn & Sons Co., Ltd.
No 21, Kyan-Sit-Thar road, Ward (E), North Okkalarpa Industrial Zone, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-699 112, 699625, 690 404; Fax: +95-1-690 253, 699 671; Email:
Royal Myanmar Tax Mix, Gold roast coffee mix, Ben coffee, Calsome cereal

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