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Lao Plaza Hotel (Vientiane)
The Grand Luang Prabang Hotel (Luang Prabang)

Champasack (southern Laos, on the bank of Mekong river, near old Khmer temple "Wat Phu")

Champa Residence Hotel
Road 13 South (near Mekong Bridge). PO Box 504, Pakse, Champasack.
Phone: +856-31-212 120; Fax: +856-31-212 765, 212 649
Hotel, car & boat rental.

Champasak Grand Hotel
225 room hotel located in Pakse close to the bridge over the Mekong river.

Champaxaise Hotel
Ban Done Samsib, Pakse, Champasack.
Phone: +856-31-212 563; Fax: +856-20-530 778

Houyyangkham Hotel
Km 5, 13 South Road. Houyyangkham Neua. PO Box 89, Pakse, Champasack.
Phone: +856-31-212 755, 212 756; Fax: +856-31-212 792

Kingfisher Ecolodge
Ban Khiet Ngong (Phu Asa), Champasak Province.

Sala Done Khone
Khone Village, Khong District, Champasak Province

Tad Fane Resort
Pakxong District, Bolaven Plateau over looking Tad Fane waterfall, Champasak Provine.
Website: - not sure if this is their own site.

Luang Namtha (northern Laos, hilltribes, China border) | Back to top

Hongtha Xaysomboun Hotel
Phomvihanh Road, Ban Saysomboun, Luang Namtha.
Phone: +856-86-312 078, 312 456; Fax: +856-86-312 079

The Boat Landing Guest House
PO Box 28, Luang Namtha.
An ecolodge located on the banks of the Namtha river and offering guests access to the Nam Ha Protected Area through rafting, kayaking, trekking and mountian biking.
Phone: +856-86-312-398; Fax: +856-86-312-239; Email:
Web site:

Luang Prabang (Northern Laos, on the bank of Mekong river, museums, Lao style temples, weaving, waterfalls, hilltribes, boating) | Back to top

The Apsara
The Apsara and The Apsara Rive Droite, situated opposite each other on the banks of the Nam Khan river in Luang Prabang.

Ban Lao Guesthouse
80/5 Ban Mano, Luang Prabang.
Phnoe: +856-71-252 078, 212 438; Fax: +856-71-212 438

Hotel Souvannaphoum
Ban Thatluang, Chao Fa Ngum Road. PO Box 741, Luang Prabang.
Phone: +856-71-212 200; Fax: +856-71-212 577

Maniphone Guesthouse
Phouvao Street, Ban Pongkham, Luang Prabang.
Phone: +856-71-212 636

Manoluck Hotel
121/3 Phou St., Luang Prabang.
Phone: +856-71-212 250, 212 509; Fax: +856-71-212 508; Mobile: +856-20-570 666, 570 054

Mekong Riverside Hotel
Luang Prabang.

New Luang Prabang Hotel
Sisavang Vong Rd., Luang Prabang.
Phone: +856-71-212264; Fax: +856-71-212804
Hotel close to the famous tempels such as Wat Phousi, Wat Visoun.

Phou Vao Hotel
Domaine De Phou Vao, P.O. Box 50, Luang Prabang.
Phone: +856-71-212194; Fax: 856-71-212534

Phousi Hotel
Setthathirath Rd., Luang Prabang.
Phone: +856-71-212192, 212717-8; Fax: +856-71-212719

Sala Prabang Mekong Riverside Hotel
Luang Prabang. Lao-styled bungalows, the elegant colonial villa & duplex, and the classic Lao residence.

Villa Santi
Rue Sakkarine, Luang Prabang.
Phone: +856-71-212267, 252157; Fax: +856-71-252158

Phongsaly (Northern province, hilltribes, Chian border) | Back to top

Phoufa Hotel
Ban chommeuang, Phongsaly.
Phone: +856-88-412 057; Fax:+856-88-314 794

Vientiane (Capital city, temples, markets, bridge over Mekong to Thailand) | Back to top

Anou Hotel
01-03 Hengboun St., Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-213630-2; Fax: +856-21-213632
Hotel in town center, Lao traditional cuisine.

Asian Pavilion Hotel
379, Samsanthai Rd., Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-213430, 213431; Fax: 856-21-213432

Darasavanh Guesthouse & Restaurant
Ban Houay Hong. PO Box 4614, Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-450 403

Lane-xang Hotel
Fangum Rd., Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-214102, 214106; Fax: +856-21-214108
Hotel with 109 rooms

Lao Hotel Plaza
63, Samsenthai Rd., Vientiane
Phone: +856-21-218800-1; Fax: 856-21-218808

Mekong Hotel
Luang Prabang Road. PO Box 2161, Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-212 938; Fax: +856-21-212 822

Napakuang Resort
Ban Thinkeo, Keoudom District, Vientiane.
Phone/Fax: +856-21-215244
Hotel with 24 air-conditioned rooms. Located near Nam Ngum dam lake 80 km north of Vientiane city.

New Apollo Hotel
Luang prabang Rd., Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-213343, 214462; Fax: +856-21-213245

Novotel Hotel
Unit 9, Samsenthai Rd., Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-213570, Fax: 856-21-213572

River View
Luang Phabang Rd., Ban Sithan Neua, Vientiane.
Mobile: +856-16-216244-6, 216231; Fax: +856-16-216231

Royal Dokmaideng Hotel
Lanexang Av., P.O.Box 3925, Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-214455,214477; Fax: +856-21-214454

Sala Inpeng
The Auberge Sala Inpeng is situated in the old city of Vientiane "Inpeng Temple Area", a short stroll from the Mekong river bank.

Samsenthai Hotel
Manthathoulat Street, Xiangnyeun Village, Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-212 116, 216 287; Fax: +856-21-216 287; Mobile: +856-20-518 258

Sene Souk Hotel
100, Km 2, Luang Prabang Rd., Ban Khounta Thopng, Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-213 375, 215 567; Fax: +856-21-217 449; Mobile: +856-20-514 454

Settha Palace
6, Pang Kham St., Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-=217581; Fax: +856-21-217583

Tai-pan Hotel
2-12, Francois Nginn St., Ban Mixay, Muong Chanthabury, Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-216 906 - 9; Fax: +856-21-216 223
Url: and

Tamnak Lao Guesthouse
That Luang Road, Ban PhonXay, Vientiane.
Phone: +856-21-413 562; Fax: +856-21-213 632; Mobie: +856-20-511 905

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