National parks in southern Thailand
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National Parks in the South

Khao Luang National Park
Click here to view the map

A view from the 1835 meter summit
A view from Khao Luang peak
A stream in the forest Khao Luang national park covers an area of 570 square kilometers. It contains places of several districts in Nakhon Sri Thammarat province. The mountainous park with high peaks is a house for many flora and fauna. There are also several rivers and waterfalls in the park.

Tourist attractions
Garom waterfall: This beautiful fall is located in Lansaka district.

Phrom Lok waterfall: It is located in Phormkiri district. This fall has 50 levels, 4 of these are accessable.

Krung Ching waterfall: It is localed in Nop Phi Tam district, 79 km from Nakhon Sri Thammarat town. There is a park sub-station from where it is 4 km trail to the fall. Krung Ching river is good for white water rafting in the rainy season, from August to November.

Tha Phae waterfall: This is located 6 km further along the road from Karom waterfall and has 10 levels, 3 of which can be easily viewed.

Suan Ai waterfall: is in Chawang district and has 5 levels, located 60 km from Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Gow Suragan cave: is located in Lasaka district. This is 3 km before the park headquarters.

Khao Luang mountain: is located in Lansaka district. The tallest mountain in the park is About 1835 meters above sea level. It is an enjoyable trip (although difficuit and steep at times) particularly for those with an interest in forests and vegetation. The climb takes 3 days from start to end in Kiriwong village.

Accommodation and facilities
There are 7 bungalows for rent in the park. Torurists can also stay in the privately run accommodations in the villages surrounding the park.

How to get there
From Nakhon Si Thammarat take highway 4015 to lansaka district (to the west). After 20 km there is a sign on your right hand side indicating the turn off road (to the north) to the park headquarters.

Tours: We can arrange 4 to 6 days trekking, nature walk and camping in this national park for small groups. These are for learning, self sufficiency; understanding yourselves, people and environment; communication with local people, taking photos, and relaxation. If you have your own small group of 2 to 8 people please contact us using the inquiry form.

National parks list

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