National parks in northern Thailand
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National parks in the North

Tham Pla Phaseau National Park

Tham Pla Phaseau (or Tham Pla Pha Sua) is located in Mae Pai forest reserve in Pang Ma Pha district of Mae Hong Son province. The park covers around 488 square kilometers of forested hills comprising caves, waterfalls, streams and rugged forests.

Rugged mountains running north-south directions in the area are the head waters of many streams in the northern Mae Hong Son province. The highest peak is Doi Lan at 1918 meters above sea surface. The park borders with Shan state of Myanmar in the north and west.

Rainy season usually starts in the middle of May and ends around middle of October. Then the cool months come in November to January. The dry summer is February to May.

One of the most popular spot is Tham Pla cave (Tham = cave, Pla = fish, fish cave) found near the headquarters. Inside the cave is a stream with lot of Plapung fish. Other attractions include an earthern dam lake and nearby Phaseau and Mae Sa Nga waterfalls, several other waterfalls and caves. The district of Pang Ma Pha itself is a site of many caves and mountain streams.

To get to the headquarters drive from Mae Hong Son town on highway 1095 around 20 km to the north. There is a left turn-off road to the park entrance. For more information please call 053-612 982 or 053-612 983.

National parks list

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