National parks in northern Thailand
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National parks in the North

Taksin Maharat National Park
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A mountains scene in the park Taksin Maharat national park is located in the Mae Sot district of Tak province. The park is close to Lan Sang national park, and it covers an area of 149 square kilometers. Taksin Maharat was officially designated a national park on 23 December 1981, becoming Thailand's 40th national park. The park was originally named "Don Krabak Yai national park" because of the enormous Krabak tree (Anisoptera Spp.). Later the Royal Forest Department changed the name to Taksin Maharat national park to honor King Taksin the Great. The park contains amazing geological phenomenon - a natural stone bridge. It is also believed that King Alongphaya of Myanmar used to march his army through this area.

Taksin Maharat is a rugged mountainous park, often swathed in cooling mists. Thanon Thongchai mountain is a major watershed area. Evergreen forest and pine forest cover the upper hills, with deciduous and dipterocarp forest in the lower elevations. Wildlife includes serow, sambar deer, barking deer, golden cat, wild pig, and bear. Visitors can enjoy cool fresh air all year round. The nights can be chilly during the winter in the months of November till February.

Tourist attractions
Don Krabak Yai: The biggest Krabak tree in Thailand. It towers 50 meters above the ground and measures 16.1 meters around its girth. This giant tree is found 4 km from the headquarters.

Saphan Hin: A a massive stone bar spanning the gap between 2 cliffs. This huge rock bridge measures 25 meters in width and height, and 30 meters in length. A stream flows beneath this impressive rock structure. This beautiful setting is located 10 km from headquarters.

There are several waterfalls in the park. Popular ones are Mae Ya Pa on the stream with the same name, Sam Muan Thung which is the biggest in the park, and Pha Khao-Pha Daeng.

There are 3 bungalows sleeping 6 to 12 people, a visitor center, bathrooms and a campsite.

How to get there
From Tak (provincial capital) take the highway no. 105 to the west. At the km. 26 marker, turn right (to the north) into the route heading to the park's headquarters. It is only 1.5 km to the headqurters from the turn-off point.

Contact address
Taksin Maharat National Park
P.O. Box 10, Muang, Tak 63000

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