National parks in northern Thailand
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National parks in the North

Salawin National Park
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About Salawin river
Salawin river (also called Salween or Than Lwin) originates on 8000 metres high mountains in Tibet (China). Along the journey of 3,151 kilometres the river flows through Tibet, China, Myanmar, Thailand-Myanamr border, return to Myanmar and drains into the sea at Gulf of Mataban. For 120 kilometres it serves as border line between Myanmar and Thailand (Mae Sariang and Mae La Noi districts in Mae Hong Son province). Local people in Mae La Noi call it " Mae Nam Kong".

How to get to Salawin national park
Take the highway no.1194 from Mae Sariang district for about 4 kilometres. Then right-turn into the unpaved road and continue for 4 kilometres to reach the headquarters.

This is the contact place to get a permit and necessary information such as renting boat, accommodations, and other facilities. The border conflicts between Thailand and Myanmar and fighting for independence of Karen rebel groups may discourage people from going there. However, if you follow the regulations and warnings of the park officials there should be no problem traveling there.

Tourist attractions
A 46 km dirt track through jungle-clad hills will take you from the headquarters to a frontier village of Mae Sam Laeb, where majority of population are Myanmar. Mae Sam Laeb ranger station is located next to the Salawin river. Bungalows are available for rent there. Close to the ranger station is Mae Sam Laeb pier where there are long-tailed boats for hire. People can go downstream (to the south) to Sop Moei where the Moei river and Salawin river meet. Cruising against the river (to the north) for half an hour from Mae Sam Laeb pier would take you to Tha Ta Fang ranger station where lodge accommodations can be obtained. Going further upstream for 15 minutes from this ranger station, you would reach Ban Tha Ta Fang. Tha Ta Fang village is on a beautiful beach with sands and pebbles.

March to April is the best time to visit the Salawin river that the tide is low and the wide sand and peddle beaches are exposed. To spend a night at the both Mae Som Laeb and Tha Ta Fang ranger stations you have to bring your foods and drinking water.

Contact address
Salawin National Park
P.O. Box 8, P.O. Maesariang
Mae Hong Son Province 58110

National parks list

Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

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