National parks in northern Thailand
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National parks in the North

Phu Soi Dao National Park

Phu Soidao has the landscape that is similar to Phu Kradung, that is made up of a vast plain of grassland and pinewood. Its outstanding feature is the fields of flowers blooming in the rainy season and in the early cold season.
On the plain of grassland and pinewood there still exists the largely untouched nature with flowers of all kinds and the splendid Saithip waterfal hidden in a thick forest.

Topography and climate
The land is made of piled-up hills with the heights between 500 to 2,102 meters above sea level. It stretches to Laos in the east, to Lam Lodsai Creek in the west, to Phu Lookkrad in the north and to Pak Creek in the south.
It is cool all year round on the hills. Rains are plenty in the rainy season (roughly May to October) when the weather is fairly cool and wet. In the cold season (October till February) the weather is quite cold, and it could be near freezing on the high peaks.

Types of forest
The forested areas are made up of deciduous dipterocarp forest, mixed deciduous forest, savanna, pinewood and evergreen forest.

The rich forests favor the existence of wildlife of various kinds such as serows, bears, wild boars, deer, monkey barking deer and langurs as well as many kinds of birds and other winged creatures.

Tourist attractions
Phu Soidao waterfall: It is located at km. 62 marker on highway no. 1268. The water flow in from the rich forest on the highland. The park's Tourist Service Center is there where the treks begin. Porters and a guide can be hired from here to climb to the peak.

Below are the spots on the 6.5 km trail to the summit (takes 6 to 7 hours):

Nuen Songyart (relatives see-off): It is a steep hill lying hundreds of meters that could make one feels tired quickly.

Nuen Prapsiane (defeating the wizard): A hill with valleys on both sides: on the left is Namphai creek from which Phu Soidao waterfall originates; on the right is Pak creek that borders the provinces of Pisanulok and Uttradit.

Nuen Suakrong (tiger): Another hill on the trail to the peak.

Nuen Morana (dead): A very steep hill standing as the last piece of hurdle. At the end the climb is the flat plain dotted with pines.

Soidao land: The summit plateau of pinewood at about 1,800 meters above the sea level. It covers an area of roughly 5 square kilometers, about one third is inside Laos.

Saithip waterfall: A small waterfal with beautiful scenery of lush rocks and forest line.

How to get there
There are public buses leaving Uttaradit to Nampat district town, from where one can take another local bus or rent a pick up to the park's office at Phu Soi Dao waterfall (also the starting point for the climb to the summit).

To stay overnight in the park, tourists need to bring your own gear and food supplies. Porters are available for hire.

Contact address
The National Park of Phu Soidao
Huaymune Sub-district
Nampat District
Uttaradit 53110
Tel: 055-419 234, 419235

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