National parks in northern Thailand
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National parks in the North

Mae Wong National Park

In the past Mae Wong national park was the areas of hill tribe people including Hmong, Yao, Muzer and Karen. The area was declared a national park on 14 September 1987 as the 55th park of Thailand. This 894 square kilometers park is located approximately 350 km north-west of Bangkok, in the provinces of Nakon Sawan and Kamphaeng Phet. Topography is very rugged and hilly along Tanon Thong Chai mountain range, especially on the north and west. With the highest peak at 1,964 meters (Doi Mokoju) above sea level it is one of the highest mountain ranges in the western Thailand.

The park is largely covered by mixed deciduous forest consisting Tectona grandis, Afzelia xylocarpa, Pterocarpus macrocarpus and xylia kerrii as dominant trees. Evergreen forest is found on the hills.

It is the important source of water for many streams and Mae Wong river. These rivers feed the low lying agricultural areas in Kamphaeng Phet and Nakhon Sawan provinces.

Most common mammals are barking deer, wild pig, Asiatic Jackal, Squirrels, Civets and Porcupine amongst others. More than 450 species of birds are found.

Tourist attractions
Kaeng Pa Nang Koy rapids: Located some 800 meters from the headquarters, this is an ideal site for a picnic and bathing. About 350 meters from the rapid is Pa Nang Koy waterfall which is a small beautiful fall. There is a campground near the waterfall.

View points: Along the old Klong Lan - Umphang road there are several view points with spectacular views. The most popular points are located at km marks 81, 87 and 93. The road passes the park's headquarters at km. 65.

Mokoju peak: This 1964 meters peak is located at the western border of the park. Trekking to the highest peak in the park needs guides from the national park. It will take about 5 to 6 days round trip starting from either headquarters or Mae Rewa ranger station. Climbers need to carry all necessary stuff with them.

Waterfalls: There are several fine waterfalls in the park, most of them take at least a day to reach on foot. The service of the park's guides are necessary. Most easily accessible falls are Mae Rewa and km.102 waterfalls. Mae Rewa is located 30 km from Mae Rewa ranger station. It has 5 levels and a deep pool at the base, which is good for swimming. Two other impressive falls are Mae Ki and Mae Krasa, both are divided into 9 levels. One level of Mae Ki has a sheer drop of 200 meters making it one of the biggest falls in the south east Asia.

Accommodations and facilities
At the headquarters, there are 3 bungalows. There are camp grounds at the headquarters and at km marks 81 and 93. However tourists need to bring their own equipment.

How to get there
Mae Wong natinal park's headquarters is located 20 km south of Klong Lan in Kamphaeng Phet province. Driving from Bangkok, take highway no.1 (to the north) to Nakon Sawan. Continue driving on highway no.1 (now the road is going north-west) for 10 more kilometers till you meet highway no.1072 (to the west or to your left). Follow the highway no.1072. You will pass Lad Yao. After Lad Yao another 50 km will take you to an intersection. Follow the highway no.1072 sign (this time to the north or to your right). 43 km more driving will bring you to Klong Lan. At Klong Lan turn left (to the south-west) into highway 1117 for the last 20 km to the park headquarters.

Contact address
Mae Wong National Park
P.O. Box 29 Klong Lan district,
Kamphaeng Phet 62180
Tel: 055-719 010, 719 011

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