National parks in north-eastern Thailand
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National Parks in the North-East

Thap Lan National Park

Topography and climate
Fertile fan palm forests were scarttering in many places of northeastern region in the past. Along with agricultural mechanization and expansion of large number of palm forests were destroyed. At present there are some surviving fan palm forests in the villages: Baan Thab Lan, Baan Khun Sri Bupram and Baan Wang Mued of Prachinburi province.

Thab Lan National park covers Pak Thongchai, Khornburi and Soeng Sang districts of Nakorn Rachasima province, and Na Dee district of Prachinburi province. The park consists of the rare fan palm forests. It is also the source of many river streams, and has natural attractions such as cliffs and waterfalls. This 2236 square kilometers area was declared 40th national park of Thailand on 23 December 1981.

The highest peak in the park is Khao Lamang at 992 meters above sea level. The continuous mountain ranges have naturally created valleys, chasms and waterfalls. These are the water sources of rivers such as Moon and Bang Pakong rivers.

The park is covered with dipterocarp and dry evergreen forest, which are full of various kinds of plants. Because of its richness of big forest area connecting Khao Yai, Pang Sida and Tapraya, it is the living place for various wild animals that include tiger, elephant, buffalo, red bull, mountain goat, black bear, sun bear, crown gibbon, hornbills, phesant, lorikeet, etc.

Tourist attractions

Pa Lan (fan palm forest) is the largest fan palm forest in Thailand. These trees are ancient plant that produce flower clusters at the top when they reach 20 years or so old. A fan palm tree could produce more than 60 million flowers before it dies.

Huay Yai waterfall is a large beautifuf waterfall of 50 meters height and 30 meters width.

Accommodations and facilities
Tourists have to bring their tents for camping at the campground.

How to get there
Thap Lan national park headquarters is on the road number 304, about 200 km from Bangkok. From the intersection of routes 304 and 33 near Kabin Buri, it is about 32 km to the headquarters.

National parks list

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