National parks in north-eastern Thailand
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National Parks in the North-East

Phu Wiang National Park

Phu Wiang is the name of a district and the mountain in it, in Khon Kean province. The place containing 325 square kilometers area was declared a national park on 08 December 1991. Dinosaurs' skeletons and foot steps are found in this park. Besides, pre-historic human skeletons and metal tools are found in the park. The topography of parts of the park look like that of a volcano peak. Much of the park is covered by dipteracarp and dry evergreen forest.

Tourist attractions

Find of Dinasaur skeletons in 1976 are the first of its kinds in Thailand. There are ancient artworks such as Buddha image curving on a cliff, hand print marks, paintworks on sand stones in the park. A couple of waterfalls are worth visiting. Tungyai Sao a-ram grassland covered by wild flowers is a habitat of some wildlifes. Hin Lad Kok Klum is a large fields with groups of stones some of which shaped like animals. There is also a lake called Hua Phu Chon reservoir in the park.

How to get there
From Khon Kaen take the route no. 12 to Chum Pae (to the west). After passing Nong Ruea take a right turn (to the north) and travel on the route no. 2038 to Phu Wiang district town. From this place it is 4 km to the Pak Chong ranger station of the national park.

Contact address
Phu Wiang National Park
Phu Wiang district,
Khon Kaen 40150
Tel. 043-249 052

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