National parks in north-eastern Thailand
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National Parks in the North-East

Pha Taem National Park

Topography and climate
The park covers parts of Khong Jiam, Sri Mueang Mai and Pho Sai districts in Ubon Ratchathani province. The 340 square kilometers park houses variety of interesting scenes. The Mekhong river which serves as a long natural border between the park and Loas, provides some excellent views.

The area containing considerable historical and natural value became the 74th national park on 31 December 1991.

The general topography of the park are undulating plains and highlands, and is part of the Phannom Dongrak mountain range. Rock pillars and rock formations are characteristics park. Sandstone is the most common rock type found. The Mekhong river is the ends of the many streams of the park.

The park has a monsoon climate with three seasons: rainy season (June to October), cool season (October to February) and the dry and hot season (February to June).

The park is covered by Dipterocarp forest with Shorea obtusa, Shorea siamensis, Dipterocarpus obtusifollus and some beautiful flowers. There are also some dry evergreen forests near the streams.

Some wildlife that may still exist are Siamese hare, barking deer, civet, and palm civet. Wild pig and serow move in from Laos in summer season.

Tourist attractions

There are rock formation, rock sliff (some with ancient wall paintings), rock pillars, caves and waterfalls. Taking a boat ride on the bordering Mekong river is a good way to view the beauty of the park.

Accommodations and facilities
There is a camp yard. However visitors have to bring gear and supplies.

How to get there
From Ubon Ratchathani drive 80 km to the east along the route no. 217 and 2222 to Khong Chiam district town. Then continue on the highway "Khong Chiam - Khemarat" (on the routes 2134 and then turn right to 2112) for about 15 km. There right turn road (to the east) that will take you 5 km to the park headquarters at Nong Phue Noi village (Huay Pai sub-district).

Contact address
Pha Taem National Park
P.O. Box 5, Tambol Huay Pai, Khong Chiam district,
Ubon Ratchathani Province 34220

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