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Marine National Parks

Had Wanakorn National Park
Click here to see the map

Topography and climate
The park is located in Thap Sakae and Prachuap Khiri Khan districts of Prachuap Khiri Khan province. Had Wanakorn is the 18th national park of Thailand opened on 30 December 1992. The smallest marine park covers an area of 38 square kilometers. Prior to becoming a park, it was an Arboretum and Silviculture station, and has long been associated with forestry. The terrestrial section (about 60% of total area) is dominated by beach forest and plantations, whilst the marine section (about 40% of total area) is composed of sandy beach and the deeper water surrounding two islands located 6 km offshore.

Terrestrial environment
The majority of 22.6 square kilometers land area are plantation of Eucalyptus and Ironwood trees and the remainder are scrub vegetation, bamboo, Swamp tea and Neem. Several species of wildlife and birds are found in the park. The park is a good place for a natural walk.

Marine environment
The marine environment comprises 9.4 square kilometers beach and 6 square kilometers of water surrounding Chan and Thaisi islands. The maximum depth recorded is about 16 meters, with the average depth less than 5 meters. Near the isalnds there are some small patches of coral, but not very spectacular.

Tourist attractions

Had Wanakorn is a popular day trip destination. The beach is very long and of clean soft sand. The water is suitable for swimming although care must be taken especially after a heavy rainfall as jellyfish come. At one km walk to the north from the beach is an area where rocks extend out into sea. It is a good place for observing marine life, and snorkling.

Ao Makha Bay viewpoints are located on the two headlands surrounding Ao Makha Bay. They can be reached by either walking the 4 km trail along the beach or follow one of the trails through the plantations.

Accommodations and facilities
In the headquarter area there are 4 bungalows. Camping is allowed and there are public toilets. Food and drinks can be purchased at the shops on the beach.

How to get there
From Prachuap Khiri Khan follow the highway no. 4 to the south for 23 km. One kilometer after Khlong Hin Chuang village there is a turn-off road (to the east) to the park. It is only 3 km to the headquarters.

Contact address
Had Vanagorn National Park
Thap Sakae district
Prachuap Khiri Khan province 77130

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