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Marine National Parks

Tarutao Islands National Park
Click here to see the map

Islands and the sea Tarutao national park is a group of 51 islands in the Andaman Sea, in Satun province, near the Malaysian border. The two main island groups are Tarutao and the Adang-Rawi islands. The park covers an area of 1490 square kilometers of which about 85% is the marine area.

Tarutao island was used as a prison in the late 1930's. The existance of sharks and crocodiles in the surrounding sea at that time ensured that only a few could escape alive. During the time of second world war food and medical supplies failed to reach the island. In despration, the prisoners and their guards raided a passing merchant ship, and discovered the value far beyond their expectations. Then followed the blood-thirsty piracy began. The waters around Tarutao became one of the most feared in the Malacca strait.

Tourist attractions

Tarutao - island of many bays
Covered in lush green rain forest, the island has sand beaches, caves, bays, and forest trails. Places of the old prisons can be visited.

Mammals found on the island include bats, squirrels, dusky langurs, crab eating macaques, mouse deer, wild pigs and ottars. Over 100 bird species live on the island. Sea turtles are also found, but their population is dwindling.

Koh Klang and Koh Khai
These two small islands are located half way between Tarutao and Adang islands. Koh Khai is famous for its natural rock arch and snow white beach.

Adang - Rawi island group
These islands are surrounded by clear water and rich coral reef. On the islands are rain forest with trails to walk, waterfall, good view points.

Ko Hin Hgam The shore of Ko Hin Ngam (island of beautiful rocks) is covered in polished stones.

Ko Lipe Lipe is the home of the Chao Lay (sea gypsies) who traditionally roamed the islands harvesting fish, shellfish, coconuts and vegetables. The Chao Lay have their own language, culture and animist religion.
There is a village with a school and shops, and private tourist bungalows.

Cautions: When swimming or snorkelling beware there are some poisonous fish (Rays, Scorpion Fish and Lionfish). As long as you do not get too close they will not harm you. Also piles of wet clothing outside your bungalow or tent are an inviting nap site for snakes or scorpions; so hang clothes and leave the area tidy.

Accommodations and facilities
The park headquarters at Ao Phante (northern tip of Tarutao island) have offices, a library, visitor center, first aid station, restaurants, bungalows and bamboo long houses. There are camp grounds in several places close to the sea.

On Koh Adang island, there are a visitor center, restaurants, bamboo long houses and camp ground.

Koh Lipe island has privately run bungalows as well as a camp site.

How to get there
There are daily ferry boats from Pak Bara pier on the main land, near the town of Langu. Langu is located on the highway no. 416, between Trang and Satun cities. Pak Bara pier to Tarutao island ferry trip take around 1.5 hrs. Ferry boats between Tarutao and Adang/Lipe islands takes 5 hours.

Taratuo national park
Amphoe La-Ngu, Satun 91110
Phone: 074-783 385, 729 002~3

National parks list

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