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Marine National Parks

Phetra Island Group National Park

Topography and climate
Mu Koh Phetra national park is situated on the Andaman sea coast in Satun and Trang provinces of southern Thailand. It consists of an area along coast line and over 30 islands. The park has many diverse habitats including open water, coral fringed islands, sandy beaches, forest covered islands to sheer rocky islands rising steeply out of the sea.

There are also a few patches of mangrove forest, beach forest and tropical forest. The islands within the park are relatively small; the largest being Ko Khao Yai which is about 4.7 square kilometers in area. The sea area of the park includes many fishing grounds. These islands are the temporary refuges for fishing boats during monsoon season.

This 494 square kilometers area was declared as a marine park on 31 December 1984. Nearly 95% of the park area is open sea.

Headquarters and the nearby beach is 7 km from the town of Langu, and 3 km from the port jetty of Pak Bara. It is located in a small bay which is locally called Ao Nun; the mouth of the bay is about 800 meters across. There are visitor center, bungalows, rest rooms and toilets, conference room, restaurants.

Li Dee islandis 5 km from the headquarters. A ranger station, a quiet beach, basic accommodation and a camp ground are on the island.

Khao Yai island is the largest in the park, located to the north west of Li Dee island. Limestone rocks rise steeply from the water. The cliffs are eroded into fantastic shapes. There are a few coral reefs around the island.

Do Bulon Don island is situated 22 km from Pak Bara port. There are several beautiful sand beaches with clear water, and thus it is a popular tourist spot. Some modern resorts have been set up on the island. Travel packages can be booked at Pak Bara Port.

Phetra islands are located in the waters of Trang province, almost 40 km north of the headquarters. The islands can be reached by 20 km boat ride from Palian district in southern Trang province. Some of the islands are so small that look like a little more than rocks rising steeply out of the sea. Phetra island, which looks like a boat if seen from a distance, is the biggest with a mountain peak reaching 380 meters. Some islands have caves in which swiftlets build their nests.

Contact address
Mu Koh Phetra National Park
Langu District
Satun Province 91110

National parks list

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