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Marine National Parks

Lamnam Kra Buri National Park

Lam Nam Kraburi national park is located along the Kraburi river, the boundary line dividing Ranong province of Thailand and Tanintharyi division of Myanmar (Burma). This 160 square kilometers park covers the Kraburi river, a group of islands in the middle of the river, mangrove forest and national forest reserves.

Tropical evergreen forest are found in the park. Important plants include trees in the Dipterocarp family, Malabar iron wood, palms. Extensive mangrove forest are found at the month of Khlong La-un river, the banks of Kraburi river on the Khao Hin Chang mountain side.

Wildlife in the park may still include tiger, Clouded Leopard, Asiatic Black Bear, Wild Pig, Mouse Deer, Monkeys, Civets, different species of snake, birds of prey, Coucals, Crows, Kingfishers, Hill Myna, Woodpeckers, Pigeons, Forktails, Hornbills, and Red junglefowl.

Aquatic wildlife includes Eel, Mullet, Mudskipper, Short-bodied Mackerel, Crabs, Green Mussels and Shrimps in the Kraburi river. Amphibians include frogs, tree frogs, small frogs, and toads.

Tourist attractions

The Kraburi river, the border between Thailand and Myanmar, is 60 km long from source to mouth, and roughly 6 km wide. The whole boundary area of Thailand and Myanmar has healthy mangrove forests. It is believed that, in the future, Thailand and Myanmar would work together to promote tourism in this area (hopefully in the sustainable way!).

The Kraburi river islands include Ko Siat, Ko Khwang, Ko Yao. Ko Chon, Ko Pling, and Ko Nok Plao which is in the middle of the river and houses the healthiest mangrove forest.

There are waterfalls, caves, hot springs and view points which are all worth visiting.

How to get there
Take the road no. 4 from Ranong city to the north for about 18 km to the park headquarters.

Lam Nam Kraburi national park
130 Moo 3, Ban Hin Chang, Petkasem Road
Tambon Paknam, Amphoe Muang
Ranong 85000

National parks list

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