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247, Bogyoke Aung San St., KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-245562, 548925, 706892
Rice trading.

Aung Sabei
310(C), Anawratha St., PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-250043, 541088
Dried Tea trading.

89, Sint Oh Dan St., LTA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-251581
Rice trading.

D13, Aung Thapye St., Bayint Naung Warehouse, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-680301, 681326
Rice trading.

559, Maha Bandoola St., PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-280869, 246647
Coffee & Tea Dealer.

Flying Dragon
188, Konzedan St., PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-280774, 240646
Dried Tea trading.

Gold Cafe
14, 2nd Fl., Sint Oh dan St., LTA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-226432, 226598
Coffee Dealer

Golden Cup
135, Lanmadaw St., LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-250997, 278915
Coffee Dealer

Golden Lion
129, ShweTaung Tan St., LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-228668
Dried Tea trading.

137, 51st St., PZDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-294712
Coffee Dealer

Hteik Tan
23, Oo Yin St., KMDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-526795
Rice trading.

Khine & Brothers
258, Bo Sun Pat St., PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-246173
Dried Tea trading.

Khine Thazin
414, Theinbyu Rd., MTNT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-246173
Dried Tea trading.

45, 29th St., PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-245176
Dried Tea trading.

Miba Kye Zue Co., Ltd
No. 86, U Chein Street, Industrial Zone (2), HLG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-221802; Mobile: +95-9-992263, 9922920, 684560
Agricultural products trading.

Myanmar Inter Safe Co., Ltd.
Yangon and Bangkok based.
Timber and wood products trading, sourcing, inspection, shipment, etc. Cover Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Myanmar Nyunt Co., Ltd
106/1098 93 RD Street, Kandawgalay P.O, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-280099, 273346, 245250; Fax: +95-1-280632
Agricultural products trading.

182/202, Rm-29, 34th St, KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-287722
Dried Tea trading.

Pan Ayar
21, Oo Yin St., KMDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-526795, 513850
Rice Trading

Pathein Tha
8, 19th St., LTA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-226722, 720408
Rice trading.

Promised Land Trading Co., Ltd
No. 402, Strand Road, Coner of 20th Street, LTA, Yangon.
Phone: + 95-1-226788, 210030, Mobile: +95-9-9921238; Fax: +95-1-210032
Agricultural products trading.

San Bayin
West Shwegonedine Rd., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-542691
Rice trading.

Shan Taung Tan
535(C), Pyay Rd., KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-525796
Dried Tea trading.

Shin Min
3, Kuyn Kyaung (1) lane, AHLN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-706061, 223048
Rice trading.

Shwe Palaung
223, 37th St., KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-245340
Coffee Dealer

Shwe Pon Gyi
9, Oo Yin St., KMDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-524683
Rice trading.

Shwe Pyi Win
144, Bogyoke Aung San St., PZDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-290922
Dried Tea trading.

248, Kyaikkasan Rd., TMWE, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-550239
Rice trading.

Sin Min
428(D), Rm-3, Shwegondine Rd., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-541572
Rice trading.

57/59 Wadan St., LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-221516, 223595
Rice trading.

Teak Garden Furniture Manufacturing and international Trading Ltd
218 B 36th Street, KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-706876, 705287 (factory); Fax: +95-1-254201
Wood Furniture manufacturing & trading

THUTHEIKDI Trading Entreprise Ltd
no.77/1, 38th Street, KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-272663, 249102; Fax: +95-1-250488
Agricultural products trading.

Traditions Trading Co., Ltd
24, Inya Myaing Road, Golden valley, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-514047, 526476; Fax: +95-1-514047
Lacquerware manufacturing & trading.

Salawin river, Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand
Hike & Hilltribe village homestay to Salawin river, Mae Hong Son

Physics & Math Tutoring, Education, Rural development