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Airport Inn
18/20 Airport Estate, ISN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-66 7738

Ambassador Hotel
100-A Than Lwin Rd, Windermere, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-525414

Arnanda Inn
21 Aung Zayya St, University Avenue, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-531251

Asia Plaza Hotel
277 Bogyoke Aung San Road, KTDA,Yangon. (next to Yangon train station)
Phone: +95-1-254425, 254424 (ext: 0); Fax: 95-1-250252, 254510

Asian Rose Inn
9A Natmauk St, TMWE, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-548975

Aurora Hotel
37 A Thiri Mingalar St, KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-525961

Aye Yar Hotel
170/176 Bo Aung Kyaw St, BTHG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-202271, 202 277; Fax: +95-1-202 238

Bagan Golf Resort
57 Rm1/3, Shan St, SCG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-531118

Bagan Inn
29 Pho Sein Rd, Natmauk Lane2, TMWE, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-548148, 541538

Beauty Land Hotel 1
9 Bo Cho St., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-549772

Beauty Land Hotel 2
188/192 33rd St, KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-243952

Central Hotel Yangon
335-357 Bogyoke Aung San Rd, PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-241007; Fax: +95-1-248003

Chit Sayar Hotel
646, Maha Bandoola Road, LTA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-242094, 246030, 250694; Fax: +95-1-253291

City Golf
Thriri Marlar Street, 10 Mile, ISN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-641338

City Star Hotel
169/171 Mahabandoola Garden Street, KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-245365, 250291, 286377, 287731, 287861, 287860 ; Fax: +95-1-285877

Classique Inn
53B Golden Valley, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-525218

Comfort Inn
4, Shwe Li St, KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-533377

Crown Inn
38B, Bawdi Yeiktha St, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-525334

Crystal Inn
52 Po Sein Rd, TMWE, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-541348

Crystal Palace Hotel
219, Shwe Gon Dine Rd, SCG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-543421

Daddy's Home Hotel
107, Kon Zay Dan St, PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-252169

Dream World
85A Shin Saw Pu Rd, SCG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-510731

Eden Group Company Ltd
Zayar Khemar Street, Kyaikwine Pagoda Rd, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-662229, 661010, 663440; Fax: +95-1-662895

EH Eastern Hotel
194/196 Bo Myat Htun Street, PZDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-293851, 293168, 293169; Fax: +95-1-294346
Small hotel in downtown, Shan cuisine available.

Espace Avenir Executive Serviced Apartment
523 Pyay Rd, KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-514418

Euro Asia Hotel
374, Strand Rd, Cor of 60th St, BTHG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-296731

Everest Hotel
62, Bogyoke Aung San St, Between 51st & 52nd St, PZDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-296257

Excel Place
25 D-1 New University Avenue Rd, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-544491

Fair View Inn
16 Saw Maha St, Kandawgyi, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-553526

Fame Hotel
28/A Po Sein Rd, TMWE, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-542539

Fancy Inn
75, Damar Yone St, SCG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-526311

Friendship Hotel
97, 4st, LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-222159

Golden Beach Hotel
376 1st Floor, Strand Rd, LTA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-246146

Golden Butterfly Hotel
12, Ko Min Ko Chin Rd, Bo Cho Ward 1, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-541978

Golden Express Ltd
97 B, Wadan St, LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-225569, 226779; Fax: +95-1-227636

Golden Family
146, Bogyoke Aung San St, PZDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-297725

Golden Guest
182, Insein Rd, 9 Qtr, HLG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-524642

Golden Smlies Inn
644, Merchant St, Cor of Shwebontha ST, PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-273589

Golden Valley Inn
17A Inya Myaing Rd, Shwe Taung Kyar Ward 1, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-524173

Goldhill Garden Hotel
Thiri Mingalar St, 10 Mile, ISN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-641763

Green Hill Inn
12 Pho Sein Rd., TMWE, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-549388

Guest Care Hotel
107(A) Dhamazedi St., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-283171

Happy Journey
56 Saya San Rd., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-550997

Haven Inn
216, Bo Myat Tun St., PZDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-295500

Higland Lodge
1, Highland Avenue Rd., 7 Mile, Konemyint Yeik Tha, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-660695

Hotel Bahosi
63/64 Bahosi Housing Complex, LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-225812

Hotel China Town
647/649 Maha Bandoola St., Cor 21st St., LTA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-243691

Hotel December
89/A, Pyay Rd., DGN, Yangon.
phone: +95-1-221934

Hotel Equatorial
33, Alan Pya Phaya Road, DGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-250388; Fax: +95-1-252478

Hotel Max
16, Bayint Naung Road, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-681318, 244314

Hotel Shwe Baho
353/357 Kyaitkasan Road., TMW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-247090, 247436, 550054; Fax: +95-1-250252

Hotel Windsor
31, Shin Saw Pu Rd, TMWE, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-511216

Htoo Char
259, G/Floor, 39 Street(Upper), KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-289299

Imperial Jade Hotel
33, Yaw Min Gyi St, DGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-272299

Jade Pavilion Inn
126 (A) Dhamma Zedi Rd, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-524844

Jewel Hotel
150 (D), New University Avenue Rd, Corner of Kabbaye Pagoda Rd.,BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-549345

Jupiter Inn
102 (A), Dhamma Zedi Rd, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-526226

Kansai Restaurant Shu Bu-Tei
51, Pyay Rd., HLG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-533295

Khaing Shwe War
196, 27th St., PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-289464

King Hotel
75/A University Avenue Rd. Shwe Taung Kyar, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-530618

Kumudara Enterprise Ltd.
49, Yegyaw St., PZDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-293966

Lace Inn
26, Khay Mar St., SCG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-510416

Lai Lai Hotel
783, Maha Bandoola St., Cor of 13th St., LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-227878

Lanmadaw Plaza Hotel
Lanmadaw Plaza, Lanmadaw Road, LTA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-212303; Fax: +95-1-250252

Liberty Hotel
343, Pyay Road, KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-530050

Lucky Inn
11 (J) , Kabaaye Pagoda Rd., Gloden Valley, (2) Qtr, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-552149

Marina Residence
8 Kaba Aye Pagoda Road, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-650651; Fax: +95-1-650630

May Fair Inn
57,38th St., Bet Merchant St & Strand Rd., KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-281924

May Li Kha Motel & Restaurant
Nawaday Garden, Hlaing Thar Yar, Industrial Zone(3), HLTY, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-704900

May May
56, Shwe Hinn Tha St, 6 1/2 Mile, HLG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-664028

May Shan Guest House
115/117 Sule Pagoda Road, KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-283599

Meeyatha International Hotel Ltd.
Room701, 7th Flr, Bogyoke Aung San Rd., FMI Center, PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-246870

Metropolitan Motel
62 (A) Kabaaye Pagoda Rd., MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-665966

160, Wardan St, LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-212454

Micasa Hotel
17, Kabaaye Pagoda Rd, YKN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-650933

Mingala Garden
30, Inya Myaing St., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-524450

Mingala Hotel
68/70 Banyardala Rd., MTNT, Yangon.

9, Anawrahta St, 14 Ward, YKN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-563685

Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel
20, Pa le Rd., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-548311

Myanmar Life
41, Radio Station Rd., MGDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-661820

83, Shwe Hin Tha St., 6 1/2 Mile, HLG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-664986

Nikko Hotel
40, Natmauk Road, TMW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-544500; Fax: +95-1-544400

Olympic Hotel
U WisaraRd., National Swimming pool compound, DGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-243130

Pan Ya Mon Inn
195/196, Thihathu St., Block 11, SOKA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-571449

Panda Hotel
No. 205 Coner of Wadan Street & Min Ye Kyaw Swa Road, LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-212850, 212852, 212853, Fax: +95-1-229837, 212854

Panorama Hotel
294/300 Pansodan St., KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-253077

Pansea Hotel
35, Taw Win Road, DGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-229860; Fax: +95-1-228260

Peace Inn
7 (B) West May Kha Lane 3, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-666159

Power Palace Hotel
16, Pyitharyar St., Bauk Htaw, YKN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-548210

Princess Inn
129 (A), Than Lwin Rd., KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-525150

Queen Inn
30, Than Lwin Rd., Aung Min Gaung Avenue, KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-524738

Queen Shin Saw Pu Hotel
39, Shin Saw Pu Rd., SCG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-510167

Rainbow Hotel
3, Wingabar St., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-549826

Regent Hotel
No. 3 (C), Kanbe Rd., YKN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-578931

Renaissance Inyalake Hotel
37, Kabaaye Pagoda Rd., MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-662866

Rose Bank
93 (D) Rose Bank St., AHLN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-228564

Royal White Elephant
11/15, Kan St., HLG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-513986

Royal Yangon City Hotel
8th mile juntion, Pyay Road, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-667240, 667242, 667260, 667282, 667283; Fax: +95-1-667178

23, Bawga St., 9 Mile, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-662536

Ruby Land Inn
91/H, Than Lwin Rd., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-526806

Sakura Residence
9 Inya Road, Block 10, KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-525001, Fax: +95-1-525002

Savoy Hotel
129, Dhamma Zedi Rd, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-526289

Season of Yangon
International airport hotel, Yangon
Phone: +95-1-666 699, 666 337, 666 979; Fax: +95-1-663 575

Sedona Hotel
Yangon, Mandalay.
Phone: +95-1-666900; Fax: +95-1-666911, 666567

See Sein
56, Bo yar Nyunt St., DGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-287104

Seven Mile Inn
12 (F), Pyithu Lane, Highland Avenue, 7 Mile, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-662484

Sharp Hotel
3, Po Sein St, Ward 2, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-542501, 549598, 549559

Shwe Baho Hotel
353, Kyaikkasan Rd., TMWE, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-247390

Shwe Hinthar Inn
50, Pyay Rd., 6 1/2 Mile, HLG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-524170

Shwe Kan Tha Yar Beach Hotel
138, Pansodan St, Cor of Maha Bandoola Rd., KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-285092

Shwe Taung Hotel
89, Pyay Road, MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-660019

Shweli Inn
112, 123rd St., Thabyaygone Qtr, MTNT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-295869

Sky Jet Inn
41, Shwe Taung Kyar St., Golden Valley, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-531255

Snow white Inn
12 (B), Kokine Yeiktha St., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-548495

Summer Palace Hotel
437 Pyay Rd., KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-527211

Summit Parkview
350 Ahlone Road, DGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-211888, 211966; Fax: +95-1-227992, 227993, 227994

Sunflower Hotel
259/263, Anawratha Rd., PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-240014

Tai Pan
44/B Saya San Road, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-548529

Thamada Co-op Hotel
23-A 5th Street, Shwe Gon Taing (West), BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-527598

Thamada Hotel
5, Alanpaya Pagda Rd., DGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-243639

The Full Wealth Inn
133, Shwe Taung Dan St., LMDW, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-224595

The Grand Mee Ya Hta Executive Residences
372, Bogyoke Aung San Rd., PBDN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-256355

The Kandawgyi Palace
Kan Yeit Tha Road, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-249255-9, 242613-21; Fax: +95-1-242776, 256184

The Nawarat Hotel
257 Insein Rd., Yangon.
Phone: 95-1-667888; Fax: +95-1-667777

The Strand
92, Strand Rd., Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-243377; Fax: +95-1-289880
One of the most expensive hotels, nothing less than 425 US$. Very beautiful victorien style building.

Three Seasons Hotel
No. 83/85, 52nd St., PZDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-293304

Tokyo Guest House
8/200, Bo Aung Kyaw St.,BTHG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-287143

Traders Hotel
223, Sule Pagoda Rd., KTDA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-242828

Vacation Garden Hotel
15 (A) Padonmar St., DGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-243646

Welcome Hotel
93G, Than Lwin Road, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-525962, 525966, 527397, 527398; Fax: +95-1-525252

Windermere Inn
15/A Than Lwin Rd., Aung Min Gaung Avenue, KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-524613

Winner Inn
42, Than Lwin Rd., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-531205

Woodland Travels
#07, No.422/426, Strand Rd., FGV Commercial Centre, BTHG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-202071

263 Maha Bandoola St., BTHG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-294128, 294109, 296435; Fax: +95-1-296848

Yadana View Point Hotel & Restaurant
333, Shu Khin Thar St., TKA, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-543620

Yangon City Hotel
1/A Kabaaye Pagoda Rd., MYGN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-667755

Yellow Ribbon Hotel
159/A West Shwe Gon Taing Rd., BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-541925

Yoma Hotel (I)
146 Bogyoke Aung San St., PZDG, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-297725

Yoma Hotel (II)
24 (A) Inya Rd., KMYT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-531065

Yuzana Garden Hotel
44 Signal Pagoda Road, MTNT, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-248940~47; Fax: +95-1-240994, 240074

Yuzana Hotel
130 Shwe Gon Dine Road, BHN, Yangon.
Phone: +95-1-549600, 543376, 543370; Fax: +95-1-543835, 544998

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