National parks in central Thailand
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National Parks in the Central

Khao Kitchakut National Park, Chanthaburi province
Map | Accommodations

Khao Kitchakut is located in the northern part of Chanthaburi province. It was designated as 14th park of Thailand on 04 May 1977.

The mountainous park covers an area of about 59 square kilometers, making it one of Thailand's smallest parks. The tallest mountain in the park is Khao Phrabat at 1085 meters. This park acts as a watershed area for Chanthaburi province. The forest actually stretches over 5 provinces, although only a small part is inside the national park.

Wildlife in the park includes gaur, elephant, bear, sambar and barking deer, serow and many species of birds.

The area has cool weather all year round; the most popular tourist months being November through to January.

Tourist attractions

Krathing waterfall There are a series of trails to the falls about 100 meters from the park headquarters. This waterfall has 13 different levels.

Changsay waterfall This waterfall is 12.5 km from the headquarters. A tall waterfall with water flowing all year round. There is a campground nearby. There is also a nature trail, but you need to be accompanied by a park ranger.

Phrabat mountain The foot of the mountain is 16.5 km from the headquarters. Then you have to walk the further 6.5 km to the top. In February to March every year thousands of pilgrims walk to the top of the mountain to venerate what is said to be the footprints of the Lord Buddha. On the mountain top are also rock formations in the shape of a pagoda, an upside down monk's alms bowl, a huge turtle and an elephant.

Forest trails There are various forest trails, but ask at the headquarters for further information as you will require a guide for most of them.

Accommodations and facilities
There are some bungalows for rent, and a campground, public telephones, toilets, and a restaurant.

How to get there
From Bangkok take the Bangna - Trat highway to the east. After 250 km turn left onto Banbung - Klang road (route 344), then turn left onto Sukhumvit road (route 3) until you get to the crossroads at Khao Laiyar, then turn left onto Bunrat - naradoon road (route 3249) for another 21km. There is a park sign and a 1.5 km long right-turn road to the headquarters.

By public transport take a Songtaew (pick up truck) from the northern side of the market in Chanthaburi. After about a 50 minutes journey the Songtaew stops about 1.5 km from the park headquarters on route 3249, from which you will have to walk.

Contact address
Khao Kitchakut National Park
Tambon Pluang
Amphur Khao Kitchakut
Chanthaburi 2210
Tel: 039 - 452 074

National parks list

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