National parks in central Thailand
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National Parks in the Central

Kheaun Sri Nakarin National Park, Kanchanaburi province

The park is located in Sai Yok, Sri Sawat and Thong Pha Phum districts of Kanchanaburi province. Beautiful natural features abound including waterfalls, hot springs, caves and an island studded reservoir. The park was designated in 1981, and has a total area of 1,532 square kilometers.
The limestone mountains are covered in evergreen and deciduous forests, the origin of Kwae Yai river. Abundant wildlife includes leopard cat, slow loris, civets, squirrels and bats. Birds found in the park include parakeets, kingfishers, beeaters, orioles and barbets. The north side of the reservoir is an important fishing area for local people.

Tourist attractions

Huay Knamin waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand. The stream separates into two channels and tumbles down seven levels before flowing on to the upper Kwae Yai river in Khaoen Sri Nakarin.

Khaoen Sri Nakarin view point overlooks the beauty of Sri Nakarin reservoir. You can take a boat trip to explore the dam lake.

Neramit cave is a limestone cave which looks like a dome. There are many stalactites and stalagmites inside.

Phra cave has a Buddha image inside. It used to be the hiding place of Thai soldiers during the Thai - (Myanmar) Burmese war in the 18th Century.

Phatat waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall in Thong Pha Phum district. It is located on the route number 323 and is surrounded by peaceful countryside.

Hot spring there are 2 hot springs suitable for bathing.

Accommodations and facilities
There are some bungalows and raft houses. There is also a campground, though visitors have to bring their own tent and equipment.

How to get there
Take the route 3199 for 105 km from Kanchanaburi. From there you have two options. You can go by land following the laterite road for about 45 km (1.5 hours). Or by water - hire a boat from Khaoen Sri Nakarin market (Talad in Thai) or Ta Kradan district market, which takes about 1 hour.

Contact address
Khaoen Sri Nakarin National Park
P.O.Box 27,Thong Pha Phum
Kanchanaburi 71180

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