National parks in central Thailand
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National Parks in the Central

Phu Toei National Park, Suphanburi province
Click here to see the map

Phu Toei national park is located in the north-western tip of Suphanburi province. Inside the park boundary of 317 square kilometers are waterfalls, caves, river streams, hills covered with dry and moist evergreen forests. The highest peak is Khao Thewada at 1123 meters, which is bordering with the Thailand's western forest. Merkus pine forest exist at elevation of about 750 to 800 meters in the park.

Suphanburi province has lot of river streams which are the life lines of the people. Water is used for agriculture, people and animal consumption. On these rivers people travel and set their market. Swamp forest, birds breeding grounds, mixed forests, and local culture are highlights of the province.

For the long stay and camping in the park visitors should contact the royal forest department in Bangkok. Traveling during the rainy season (July to October) may require a 4wd vehicle.

National parks list

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